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“In With The New” by Harry Bliss




January 2, 2021


A photo op, World War III, and bleach injections:

The wildest politcal moments in the US in 2020


So much has happened in 2020 that people often forget Donald Trump was impeached.



By Griffin Connolly and John T. Bennet


The final year of the Trump administration has been full of tumult — from the third presidential impeachment in US history, to the president’s combative response to a reinvigorated racial justice movement, to his governing and personal trials with the coronavirus pandemic.


Few Americans who survived 2020 will forget the names George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, whose deaths from encounters with police reignited the conversation surrounding law enforcement and the treatment of Black Americans in this country. Millions will remember the more than 330,000 spouses, parents, children, siblings, and friends who died from the coronavirus pandemic.


These historic events unfolded in the middle of a presidential election year with a White House incumbent, Donald Trump, whose flair for the dramatic produced some of the most iconically absurd moments this country has witnessed.




January 2021


The Gate of Heaven Is Everywhere


Among the



By Fred Bahnson



All happy religious families are alike; each unhappy religious family is unhappy in its own way.


The family of American Christianity has been unhappy for quite some time, so much so that it’s hard for many of us to imagine that it could be otherwise. The past four years have brought these feuds into the open. For Catholics, there is the glaring pedophilia scandal. For evangelicals, there is disagreement over church leaders’ alliance with power, their unwavering fealty, since 2016, to the crotch-grabbing Caligula of Mar-a-Lago, whose every abuse of office made them double down on their support.


For mainline Protestants like me, the discontent has been less visible. Denominational squabbles over human sexuality have made headlines, but across every denomination a certain lassitude pervades, a general lukewarmness that makes it feel as though Protestantism has run its course. When the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation rolled around in 2017, a few academics published monographs on Luther, and a commemorative study Bible appeared, but with church membership declining in every mainline denomination, Protestant circles shrugged. We knew there wasn’t much to crow about. What was it, exactly, we were still protesting?



PBS NewsHour

 January 5, 2021


Former defense secretary

urges top brass to resign or

resist questionable Trump orders


All 10 living former secretaries of defense signed a column published in The Washington Post on Sunday that urged the Trump administration to allow a peaceful transition of power and to keep the Pentagon out of it. One of the signatories was William Cohen, a former Republican senator who served as secretary of defense under President Bill Clinton. He joins Judy Woodruff to discuss.



The Washington Post

January 3, 2021


All 10 living former defense secretaries:

Involving the military in election disputes

would cross into dangerous territory


Ashton Carter, Dick Cheney, William Cohen, Mark Esper, Robert Gates, Chuck Hagel, James Mattis, Leon Panetta, William Perry and Donald Rumsfeld are the 10 living former U.S. secretaries of defense.


As former secretaries of defense, we hold a common view of the solemn obligations of the U.S. armed forces and the Defense Department. Each of us swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We did not swear it to an individual or a party.


American elections and the peaceful transfers of power that result are hallmarks of our democracy. With one singular and tragic exception that cost the lives of more Americans than all of our other wars combined, the United States has had an unbroken record of such transitions since 1789, including in times of partisan strife, war, epidemics and economic depression. This year should be no exception.


Our elections have occurred. Recounts and audits have been conducted. Appropriate challenges have been addressed by the courts. Governors have certified the results. And the electoral college has voted. The time for questioning the results has passed; the time for the formal counting of the electoral college votes, as prescribed in the Constitution and statute, has arrived.


As senior Defense Department leaders have noted, “there’s no role for the U.S. military in determining the outcome of a U.S. election.” Efforts to involve the U.S. armed forces in resolving election disputes would take us into dangerous, unlawful and unconstitutional territory. Civilian and military officials who direct or carry out such measures would be accountable, including potentially facing criminal penalties, for the grave consequences of their actions on our republic.


Transitions, which all of us have experienced, are a crucial part of the successful transfer of power. They often occur at times of international uncertainty about U.S. national security policy and posture. They can be a moment when the nation is vulnerable to actions by adversaries seeking to take advantage of the situation.


Given these factors, particularly at a time when U.S. forces are engaged in active operations around the world, it is all the more imperative that the transition at the Defense Department be carried out fully, cooperatively and transparently. Acting defense secretary Christopher C. Miller and his subordinates — political appointees, officers and civil servants — are each bound by oath, law and precedent to facilitate the entry into office of the incoming administration, and to do so wholeheartedly. They must also refrain from any political actions that undermine the results of the election or hinder the success of the new team.


We call upon them, in the strongest terms, to do as so many generations of Americans have done before them. This final action is in keeping with the highest traditions and professionalism of the U.S. armed forces, and the history of democratic transition in our great country.




January 4, 2021


Nation’s capital braces for violence as extremist groups converge to protest Trump’s election loss


By Will Carless


Protests planned for Washington, D.C., this week are likely to attract large numbers of President Donald Trump’s supporters, including conspiracy theorists, militia groups and members of the extremist group the Proud Boys, raising concerns of violent confrontations.


The rallies are planned to coincide with the official congressional vote to certify the Electoral College votes from the November presidential election and declare President-elect Joe Biden the winner. Far-right groups from around the country have vowed to descend on the capital to protest the vote and attempt to pressure lawmakers into voting against certifying the results, an outcome that even the leaders of the effort admit is extraordinarily unlikely to happen.


Trump himself has amplified conspiracy theories about the election and encouraged his supporters to show up at the protests. “Statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 Election. Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!” he tweeted on December 18. On Sunday, the president again promoted the protests, writing on Twitter, “I will be there. Historic day!”



ABC News

January 7, 2021


World leaders react to siege on the Capitol


International headlines offered reactions to the thousands of Trump supporters storming the Capitol building.






Extremists intensify calls for violence ahead of

Inauguration Day




Updated Friday, January 8, 2021


“Trump or war. Today. That simple.”



The New Republic

May 5, 2021


Our Friend, the Trump Propagandist


We knew David Horowitz when he was a radical leftist. Then he became a conservative. Then he joined the MAGA cult.


By Ronald Roddosh and Sol Stern


According to our old friend David Horowitz—the radical leftist turned thoughtful conservative turned Trump propagandist whom we’ve been acquainted with, in his various political guises, for more than 60 years—America is on the brink of destruction by way of a communist takeover that only the patriots of the MAGA movement can prevent. That’s the main message in Horowitz’s new book, The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement Is Destroying America. On the book’s cover are portraits of the seven Democrats allegedly plotting the revolution: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar.


This third book Horowitz has published about Trump since 2017, The Enemy Within, is even more of a jihad against liberals and progressives than his previous two (both bestsellers). Horowitz’s justification for writing yet another Trumpist screed is that, in the aftermath of the Democrats stealing the 2020 election, an event he describes (in lip sync with the former president) as “the greatest political crime in the history of the country,” the “totalitarian” threat the party poses is now imminent.


The book begins with a lamentation: “Americans are more divided today than at any time since the Civil War.” The trouble is that almost everything Horowitz has recently written has been calculated to fan the flames of division. Yet he can’t make up his mind whether the tyranny the Democrats are about to install would be more like twentieth-century communism or fascism. He asserts, for example, that the diversity training programs favored by Democrats are akin to the surveillance system of “people’s commissars” created by the Bolsheviks. In practically the same breath, he announces that the Biden administration “has clearly defined itself and its party as a fascist vanguard.”



ABC News

August 23, 2021


How Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News promoted Donald Trump’s propaganda and helped destabilise democracy in the United States: the first of our two-part special.



The New Republic

August 12, 2021


Donald’s Plot Against America


Now, he and his GOP enablers are peddling the Second Big Lie: That January 6 was just legitimate protest. It’s the crucial ingredient in convincing America to return them—and him—to power.


By Mary L. Trump


I felt as though I had stumbled across a crime scene so violent that I couldn’t process it, let alone synthesize the images in front of me. The parts remained stubbornly separate, and there was no way to grasp the meaning of the whole.



The Washington Post

October 31, 2021




As Trump propelled his supporters to

Washington, law enforcement agencies failed

to heed mounting warnings about violence on Jan. 6.


The head of intelligence at D.C.’s homeland security office was growing desperate. For days, Donell Harvin and his team had spotted increasing signs that supporters of President Donald Trump were planning violence when Congress met to formalize the electoral college vote, but federal law enforcement agencies did not seem to share his sense of urgency. On Saturday, Jan. 2, he picked up the phone and called his counterpart in San Francisco, waking Mike Sena before dawn.


Sena listened with alarm. The Northern California intelligence office he commanded had also been inundated with political threats flagged by social media companies, several involving plans to disrupt the joint session or hurt lawmakers on Jan. 6.




July 12, 2021


The LAST THING before WE GO tonight is a new appreciation of A MAN AHEAD OF HIS TIME


Carl Sagan Predicted The Mess 2021 Would Be

25 Years Ago


Astrophysicist and author Carl Sagan managed to predict a lot of things and challenges America faces in the year 2021 all the way back in 1995 when he was writing a book, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, published just before his death in 1996. MSNBC’s Brian Williams shares the details.




October 19, 2021


Trump’s Showdown


In this two-hour documentary, FRONTLINE goes inside President Trump’s fight against the investigation of his campaign and traces the dramatic events that led the White House and the nation to the brink of a Constitutional crisis. (Aired 2018)




April 30, 2022


Trump’s latest hate rally: A master class

in cult mind control


By Chauncy Devega, Salon – Commentary


Donald Trump’s political circus and freak show is continuing its American tour. Everywhere it stops, Donald Trump unleashes a torrent of lies, hatred, ignorance, bigotry, racism, narcissism, authoritarianism, threats of violence and other antisocial and evil values.


Trump’s political rallies resemble George Orwell’s “two minutes of hate” from 1984, expanded to two hours or so.




World History Documentaries

May 21, 2022


The Seedy Underbelly Of The American Presidency


This doc probes the presidential campaigns that have changed America through the eyes of former campaigners, journalists and researchers. Find out how financing, crime and corruption, and TV debates play a major role in swaying political opinion on the way to the White House.




June 21, 2022


Watch Brad Raffensperger explain why

Trump lost Georgia


In testimony before the House selct committee investigaing January 6, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger explains why President Trump lost the state’s 16 electoral votes in the 2020 election.




August 20, 2022


Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo spoke at a ‘Moonies’-affiliated event, despite Japan controversy


By Alia Shoaib


The Unification Church, formed in South Korea in the 1950s by self-declared messiah Sun Myung Moon, is known to have deep-rooted ties with conservative politicians worldwide. Its followers are often colloquially referred to as “Moonies.”


Former CIA director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich spoke in person at a conference affiliated with the church in Seoul on August 12 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the death of Sun Myung Moon.


Pompeo and Gingrich’s speeches spoke about the value of religious freedom and the dangers of communism – a view they share with the church.


The controversial religious organization – formally known as the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification – has been in the spotlight following the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


The assassin told police that he was motivated by anger towards Abe and his links to the church. It is widely described as a cult by former members.


Former President Donald Trump recorded a video message played during the meeting, per Japanese outlet NTV News 24. During his speech, Trump said that Abe was a “good friend and a great man” and praised Reverend Moon’s widow Hak Ja Han, who now heads up the church.


Other billed speakers included former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and former US ambassadors and generals.


According to Dr. Steven Hassan, an expert on cults and a former Moonie, the ties between right-wing politicians and the church are due to a shared hatred of communism and the group’s vast wealth and influence.


The Moon empire has been estimated to be worth billions of dollars and includes ownership of the conservative newspaper The Washington Times.


“It doesn’t shock me that Pompeo, the former head of the CIA and the State Department, spoke for them. I’m sure he got a lot of money. I’m sure Trump got a lot of money,” Hassan told Insider, speculating about their speaker’s fees. “I’m sure they don’t believe Moon was the Messiah.”





September 6, 2022




FRONTLINE’s season premiere investigates American political leaders and choices they’ve made that have undermined and threatened democracy in the U.S.


In a two-hour documentary special premiering ahead of the 2022 midterms, FRONTLINE examines how officials fed the public lies about the 2020 presidential election and embraced rhetoric that led to political violence.



The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

November 17, 2022


Barack Obama – Protecting Democracy

and the Commitment to Facts


“Democracy requires, by definition, getting along with people who don’t agree with you.” Former President Barack Obama discusses why he believes the youth turnout made all the difference in Democractic victories in the midterms; how globalization, disinformation, and the media infrastructure are contributing to the weakening of democracy globally; and what advice he has for Trevor after the Daily Show.



TVO Today | The Agenda | Steve Paikin

January 31, 2023


Truth and Trump: An Evening with Bob Woodward


The disruptive impacts of Donald Trump’s presidency continue to wreak havoc in America and influence politics abroad. Two years after losing the presidency, is his influence behind him or is his MAGA movement still a force to be reckoned with?




May 5, 2023


The E. Jean Carroll witness decision that

could haunt Donald Trump


Should the jury be entitled to hear from any of Trump’s other accusers? That was the weighty question Judge Lewis A. Kaplan had to decide.


By Carol C. Lam, former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of California


On Thursday, E. Jean Carroll officially rested her case. This means a jury in New York City will soon be asked to decide whether Donald Trump raped, and then later defamed, the former magazine columnist and media personality. The general public will draw its own conclusions about the civil lawsuit, a remarkable event not only because Trump is the former president of the United States, but also because he is a presidential candidate once again. But because jurors are instructed to reach their decision only on the evidence they see or hear in the trial, the decisions U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan makes about what evidence comes in — and what does not — are of enormous importance.


This week, the jury heard from four key witnesses likely to be top of mind for the jurors when they begin their deliberations. Two women — Lisa Birnbach and Carol Martin — testified that Carroll talked to them shortly after the attack in 1996 and that her account back then was consistent with her testimony at trial. This evidence is important corroboration of Carroll’s testimony — that is, it was introduced to show that the rape allegation was not a recent fabrication. (Trump has denied Carroll’s claims, calling them a “scam.”)



FOX 5 New York

May 5, 2023


Trump deposition in E. Jean Carroll rape trial


The full video of a deposition given by former president Donald Trump as part of his civil rape trial has been released. In the video, Trump calls his accuser, writer E. Jean Carroll a “nut job” and “mentally sick.” At one point, he also mistakes Carroll for his ex-wife Marla Maples in a photo.





The 26 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct


Eliza Relman and Azmi Haroun | Updated May 9, 2023


At least 26 women accused President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct, including assault, since the 1970s.


A deluge of women made their accusations public following the October 2016 publication of the “Access Hollywood” tape, in which Trump was heard boasting about grabbing women’s genitals in 2005. Some of Trump’s accusers made their stories public months before the tape’s release, and still others came forward in the months following.


Trump has broadly dismissed the allegations, which include harassment, groping, and rape, as “fabricated” and politically motivated accounts pushed by the media and his political opponents. In 2016, he promised to sue all of his accusers. In some cases, Trump and his lawyers have suggested he couldn’t have engaged in the alleged behavior with certain women because he wasn’t physically attracted to them.




March 22, 2018


Ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal tells her story about Donald Trump


Former Playboy model Karen McDougal defends her decision to tell her story of her alleged relationship with Donald Trump, and said she doesn’t want to damage him. Trump has been charged by the Manhattan District Attorney in an hush-payment case involving adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Some case watchers say that McDougal’s allegations could be part of the indictment.




July 11, 2023


Trump ‘failed’ U.S.: Icon Bob Woodward

talks ‘Trump Tapes’ with Ari Melber


Pulitzer-Prize winner Bob Woodward says he had “never seen such a failure to protect the people” until his reporting on President Trump’s handling of Covid. The Washington Post journalist did 20 interviews with Trump as President, and in this special edition of “The Beat,” he talks to Ari Melber about what came through in those candid conversations as the pandemic first hit. Melber also breaks down a key period of the pandemic, playing excerpts of Woodward’s tapes and other source material to offer a broader look at Trump’s handling of the crisis, which is newly relevant as Trump runs to return to the White House.




July 17, 2023


Trump is campaigning to establish

‘a presidential dictatorship’ historian Beschloss says


The Republican party’s presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump, is openly running a campaign based on turning America into an autocracy. Joy Reid’s panel of experts discuss this move many consider to be unprecedented.



Letters from an American

August 1, 2023


Heather Cox Richardson


Today a grand jury in Washington, D.C, indicted former president Donald J. Trump for conspiring to defraud the United States, conspiring to disenfranchise voters, and conspiring and attempting to obstruct an official proceeding. The charges stemmed from Trump’s attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election. A grand jury is made up of 23 ordinary citizens who weigh evidence of criminal activity and produce an indictment if 12 or more of them vote in favor.


The grand jury indicted Trump for “conspiracy to defraud the United States by using dishonesty, fraud, and deceit to impair, obstruct, and defeat the lawful federal government function by which the results of the presidential election are collected, counted and certified by the government; “conspiracy to corruptly obstruct and impede the January 6 congressional proceeding at which the collected results of the presidential election are counted and certified”; and “conspiracy against the right to vote and to have one’s vote counted.”


The indictment referred to six co-conspirators without identifying them by name, but the details included about them suggest that Co-Conspirator 1 is Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani; Co-Conspirator 2 is lawyer John Eastman, who came up with the plan for then–vice president Mike Pence to use his ceremonial role of counting the electoral votes to throw the election to Trump; Co-Conspirator 3 is Trump lawyer Sidney Powell; Co-Conspirator 4 is Jeffrey Clark, a Justice Department lawyer whom Trump tried to push into the role of attorney general so he could lie that there had been election fraud; Co-Conspirator 5 appears to be Kenneth Chesebro, a Trump attorney behind the idea of the false electors.


The identity of Co-Conspirator 6, a political consultant, is unclear.



The Commonwealth Club of California

November 7, 2023


Heather Cox Richardson: Democracy Awakening


We’ve all been through a lot in the past five years, but it’s difficult to figure out what it all means, and how it applies to our shared existence in this democratic experiment. Heather Cox Richardson aims to remedy that.


As a historian she has been examining and explaining modern events aided by her deep understanding of history and insight into the forces working for and against democracy. In her new book Democracy Awakening, Heather Cox Richardson looks at the state of American democracy and the forces that have been driving it toward authoritarianism. In whose interest is the obfuscation of history? Who benefits if Americans are turned off or prevented from taking part in democratic acts? Who and what can help change things and rededicate this country to its founding ideals? 


Join us in person as she explains how we got to this perilous point, what our history tells us about ourselves, and what the future of democracy can be.






Notes on the State of America


Heather Cox Richardson




August 23, 2023


Here Are The Mug Shots Of Everyone

Indicted In The Georgia Election Case


Look no further for the harshly-lit booking photos of the named defendants, as each one turns themselves in to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.



Flix For Free

August 26, 2023


Unfit (2020) | Donald Trump Documentary

Full Movie


Is Donald Trump fit to hold the office of President of the United States? An eye-opening analysis of Trump by leading US mental health professionals and Republican strategists, on the record for the record. Science. Truth. Duty to Warn. 


Cast: Malcolm Nance, George Conway, Anthony Scaramucci, John Gartner, Lance Dodes, Justin Frank, Ruth Ben-Ghiat and Ramani Durvasula


Director: Dan Partland



NBC News

September 17, 2023


Full Trump Interview: ‘I don’t consider us to

have much of a democracy right now’


In this full, unedited interview with Meet the Press, former President Trump discusses his views on the 2020 election, abortion rights, foreign policy and more.




Nov. 8, 2023


The Trump Family Confronts New Frontiers | Full Documentary


Starting with the Yukon Gold Rush of 1880, three generations of the Trump family confront new frontiers and build the foundation for Donald Trump’s fame and fortune.



Katie Couric

Nov. 9, 2023


Mary Trump and Adam Kinzinger

On The Way Back

from Our Divided Political Moment


Adam Kinzinger and Mary Trump don’t have a lot in common on the surface: but in a moment where politics are dividing more people than ever before, Kinzinger and Trump find they have more and more in common. January 6th was a watershed moment for them both: Kinzinger’s departure from the current GOP was basically assured with his participation in the Congressional hearings on the matter, and a worst-fears-realized anguish after the discord crystalized a drive for activism in Mary Trump.


As Katie’s plus one, Mary Trump digs deep with Kinzinger on their shared fight for the future of democracy and how the country may find a path forward. Plus, Kinzinger is full of insider, behind-the-scenes explainers from his time in Congress, from what exactly is meant by “military aid” to the impact on history of Kevin McCarthy’s visits to Mar-a-Lago.



7NEWS Australia

Premiered Nov. 29, 2023


Donald Trump’s Playbook: Lessons for 2024 election

Full Documentary


In this new documentary, the moment he went down the golden escalator to the moment he gave his first speech… this is how Donald Trump won his first race for president. History, as it happened. And what lessons, if any, can be learned from the Donald Trump playbook for the 2024 election? We examine the Donald Trump playbook, and retrace the timeline of his campaign with contemporaneous reporting to see how it happened, when it happened. 7NEWS Australia was there for every moment as the reality TV star became the ‘leader of the free world’. Featuring new interviews with the reporters who covered it all, this is the historical record of how Donald Trump became president. And what Trump 2024 might look like.



The Bulwark Podcast

December 8, 2023


How Trump Got Evangelicals to Make a Deal with the Devil


Is the Almighty, who made heaven and earth, also biting his nails over next year’s election? Tim Alberta joins Charlie Sykes to discuss the evangelicals who worship America, a 500-year moment for Christianity, and the organized crime syndicate Jerry Falwell built.



Journeyman Pictures

December 26, 2023


The film the Trump Organization tried to suppress

You’ve Been Trumped Too (2020)


Investigative journalist Anthony Baxter travels between the US Presidential race and the Scottish countryside to chronicle the troubling confrontation between Donald Trump and a feisty 92-year-old widow, Molly Forbes, as she refuses to make way for his golf course. This shocking insight to a David and Goliath battle is a remarkable document of the disconnect between political rhetoric and the lives of ordinary people.



Pod Save America

January 26, 2024


Liz Cheney Talks Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell Being Weak and the 2024 Election


Former Congresswoman and Vice Chair of the January 6th select committee Liz Cheney joins the pod to discuss the dangers of a second Trump term, his chokehold on the Republican party and why she thinks Nikki Haley needs to stay in the GOP primary. Plus, more on Mitch McConnell’s about-face on the bipartisan Senate immigration deal and President Biden’s endorsement from the United Auto Workers Union.



Journeyman Pictures

January 26, 2024


The Far Right In The US And Europe | The Politics Of Hate (2017) | Full Film


At 16 he became the leader of the Chicago Area Skinheads, later a white supremacist punk band. But when Christian Picciolini started a family, he began questioning his far right views. This timely doc explores a changing Western political climate, chronicling the rise of the far right in the US and Europe, and giving alarming insights into the ways the alt-right movement operates.




January 30, 2024


Democracy on Trial (full documentary)


In March, 2024 Republican presidential nomination front-runner Trump is scheduled to begin standing trial on federal charges, including conspiracy to defraud the U.S., in connection with efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss. He says the charges against him are politically motivated.


“Democracy on Trial” traces the road to this unprecedented moment, and examines the implications of the historic criminal case unfolding in the midst of a presidential election year. Drawing on court documents and revelatory interviews with elected officials, former government lawyers, House Select Committee witnesses and former committee staffers, authors and journalists, the documentary reports that the work of the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack provided the groundwork for special counsel Jack Smith’s indictment of Trump and may offer insights into how the trial unfolds. 


The documentary chronicles how the committee built its case against Trump and tried to prove his intent, how it chose to present its case to the American public, and criticisms of its work. Key witnesses who testified before the committee and whose firsthand accounts are now evidence in the federal case speak out in the documentary — including Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling and former Arizona Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers. 


Gripping and illuminating, “Democracy on Trial,” the newest film from FRONTLINE’s award-winning political team, Michael Kirk, Mike Wiser and Vanessa Fica, also examines how Trump has challenged the case. Trump has pleaded not guilty and made the legal argument, now being reviewed by an appellate court, that he has “absolute immunity” from prosecution for his actions while in office.





January 30, 2024


Prosecutor Who TOOK DOWN Trump BACK for More | Burn The Boats


Burn the Boats is an award-winning podcast featuring intimate conversations with change-makers from every walk of life. Host Ken Harbaugh interviews politicians, authors, activists, and others about the most important issues of our time.


While serving as the Assistant Attorney General of New York, Tristan Snell prosecuted Trump University, the Trump Organization, and Donald Trump himself. Tristan’s new book, Taking Down Trump, talks about that case, and lays out the 12 rules for prosecuting Donald Trump. In this interview, Tristan talks about Trump’s legal strategy, how he is manipulating the legal system, and his history of lies.



60 Minutes Australia

February 4, 2024


The resurrection of Donald Trump


To loyal Trump supporters, their candidate can do no wrong. Donald Trump’s 2024 run for the White House seems unstoppable despite all the controversies.



The New Republic

February 6, 2024


It’s Way Too Easy for a Crook Like Trump to

Pervert Our Legal System


If the law has one standard for the rich and powerful and another for the rest of us, it will be hard for ordinary Americans to maintain their faith in democracy.


By Michael Tomasky


We once again come to the start of yet another week that could, and by rights should, destroy Donald Trump. This Thursday, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case that seeks to bar Trump from the ballot under Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment. Meanwhile, we await word from New York Judge Arthur Engoron, who blew past his self-imposed January 31 deadline for announcing the damages he’ll make the former president pay in the Trump Organization fraud case. Finally, we also sit here wondering what is taking that three-judge panel on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals so long in deciding that Trump should not be immune from prosecution.


What does it all add up to? This: We are forced to confront the devastating possibility that our legal and political systems have no way of punishing obviously illegal and immoral behavior when carried out by someone with enormous political and financial power.


We tell ourselves we’re a nation of laws. But what if that is a lie? What if that’s a fairy tale? What if our system is not only imperfect, as any system designed by human beings is bound to be? What if it is designed so that rich and powerful people — even ones with horrible defense lawyers! — can wait the system out, even pervert it, and prevail?



The Progressive





An Incurable Disease?

The Mystery of MAGA


How is it possible that people cheer and celebrate the most transparent fraud, the most outrageous liar, the most straitjacket-ready psycho ever visited on the body politic?



By Hal Crowther


Like nearly every self-appointed critic of the American political system, I never imagined that I would still be typing that dread-laden five-letter word in February of 2024. The one that begins with “t” and ends with “p”, of course, and it isn’t “tulip.” I’ve prayed, I’ve fasted, I’ve made burnt offerings to the neglected god of common sense, a deity so many Americans have left behind. And still the T-word and the man who embodies all its mystery and menace persist.


Arguments against the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump are like arguments against infanticide, or microwaving kittens. When you offer one, and there must be hundreds, you can’t conceive of an objection or rebuttal. The case against this creature was closed nearly a decade ago, though more damning evidence seems to turn up every day. The New York Times’ Michelle Goldberg, not a writer given to heated overstatement, refers to him as a “freakish madman” and an “onrushing nightmare.” Yet indictments for 91 felonies haven’t kept him from winning Republican primaries and drawing crowds of passionate believers. One Times headline reads “Trump Tightens Grip on National Psyche.” And another, “Trump’s Connection With Supporters Has Little Precedent: Victory Reveals a New Depth of Devotion.”



UNO Global

March 8, 2024


Lincoln Project DESTROYS Trump,



A super Political Action Committee or PAC critical of former president Donald Trump, known as The Lincoln Project, has unveiled a new video spotlighting Trump’s recent slip-ups.









New-York Historical Society 

March 18, 2024


Confidence Man with Maggie Haberman // The American Story


How does a man like Donald Trump—simultaneously hailed as an all-American hero and condemned as a harbinger of the end of American democracy—become not only a cultural phenomenon, but the president of the United States? Maggie Haberman, the New York Times reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of the 45th president, offers insight into his background, his motivations, and the true nature of his personality, not to mention the means by which he gained a seat in the Oval Office.


Maggie Haberman, a senior political correspondent for the New York Times and a political analyst for CNN, is the author of Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America. David M. Rubenstein (moderator), co-founder and co-chairman of the Carlyle Group, is the author of How to Invest: Masters on the Craft and the host of History with David Rubenstein on PBS.




April 2024


 Jacob’s Dream

MAGA meets the Age of Aquarius


By Frederick Kaufman


Jacob Angeli-Chansley, the man the media has dubbed the QAnon Shaman, had been released from federal custody six weeks before when we met for lunch at a place called Picazzo’s, winner of the Phoenix New Times Best Gluten-Free Restaurant award in 2015. Despite a protracted hunger strike and 317 days isolated in a cell, Jacob’s prison sentence of forty-one months for obstruction of an official proceeding on January 6, 2021, had been shortened owing to good behavior, and he was let out about a year early on supervised release.


It took some doing to get him to sit for an interview, as Jacob is wary of what he calls Operation Mockingbird, an alleged CIA-sponsored effort begun in the Fifties to use mass media to influence public opinion. Jacob believes that people like me are the tools of the Mockingbird operation, of the deep state, international bankers, pharmaceutical cartels, and corporate monarchies that control the world. People like me believe in medicines that are addictive drugs, in food that is poison, in environmentalism that is ecocide, in education that is ignorance, in money that is debt, in objective science that is not objective. “People are brainwashed by the elites and their propaganda networks,” he said. “Mass hypnosis, bro.”




April 2, 2024


Nazi Town, USA | Full Documentary


In February 1939, more than 20,000 Americans filled Madison Square Garden for an event billed as a “Pro-American Rally.” Images of George Washington hung alongside swastikas, underlining the organizers’ belief that Nazism was entirely consistent with American ideals. 


NAZI TOWN, USA tells the largely unknown story of the German American Bund, an organization of Nazi sympathizers on American soil.



Psychology Today

July 31, 2019




When people with personality disorders gain power.


By Steve Taylor, Ph.D., a senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University. He is the author of several best-selling books, including The Leap and Spiritual Science.


The Polish psychologist Andrew Lobaczewski spent his early life suffering under the Nazi occupation of Poland, closely followed by the brutality of Soviet occupation after the war. His experience of these horrors led Lobaczewski to develop the concept of “pathocracy.” This is when individuals with personality disorders (particularly psychopathy) occupy positions of power. (1)


Lobaczewski devoted his life to studying human evil, a field which he called “ponerology.” He wanted to understand why ‘evil’ people seem to prosper, while so many good and moral people struggle to succeed. He wanted to understand why people with psychological disorders so easily rise to positions of power and take over the governments of countries. Since he was living under a “pathocratic” regime himself, he took great risks studying this topic. He was arrested and tortured by the Polish authorities, and was unable to publish his life’s work, the book Political Ponerology, until he escaped to the United States during the 1980s.





A Science on the Nature of Evil

Adjusted for Political Purposes




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