Sunset Star 7 by Brian Sapere




Sam Sapere


Dear Friends,


This is the first chapter of our Survivor’s Handbook, and all the other chapters will be published in due time … hopefully before our time is due! The left side menu (Handbook) provides useful information for most survivors. (Click on* asterisks to see book titles.)


The Tree of Life logo (with a San Francisco sunset) on the upper left links to our family enterprise and art galleries.


The right hand menu (Nightmare) provides information specifically related to the Gans-Horn/Klein cult, which has bedeviled my family for over 35 years.


Linda Jo Sapere


After reading Toxic Parents: Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life  by Dr. Susan Forward, we kept reading books on trauma and recovery.  We joined other survivors in a group, called “No More Silence”, and began collecting insights for a little handbook.


Since our mutual aim was achieving normalcy and freedom, we really appreciated all the useful advice and information, observations and reflections, tales of wisdom and knowledge, published by Idries Shah (Bless his soul!)


Ignorance is servitude, and knowledge gives hope.

But only understanding is freedom.* Observations