Sunset Star 7 by Brian Sapere


Part 2b



14. WhaleRider – July 31, 2014 [excerpt]




I grew up in the country. When I joined the cult I had absolutely no exposure to gay lifestyle. Sure, there were a few gay men around in our small town, but at that time, they were not advertising it.


So the idea of fine clothes, fine impressions, classical music, flowers, men kissing on the lips, men having manicures, man purses, clean, orderly living quarters, wine instead of beer, and the avoidance of “feminine dominance”, all seemed to fit into the context of the cult’s aspirations of being an Ark of European culture, but in retrospect I see that more as a reflection of the narcissistic cult leader’s self-image and personal agenda rather than the form of a school of higher learning.


What do you think would motivate a gay man who is a cult leader to groom and manipulate his straight young male followers into having sex with him?



15. paul gregoryJuly 31, 2014


I don’t get how rape equals sex, whatever kind of sex it is, or rape, for that matter. Rapists have preferences for a sex, his preference is for the male sex, particularly that part of the male sex that doesn’t want to have sex with itself, or him, but wants to have sex with ladies, which we call ‘heterosexual’. When, to take an example, a ‘heterosexual’ has violent non-consensual sex with a lady, do we take that as the act of making love to a lady? The act of sexual violence is a negation of all of life’s values and meaning. Violence never makes sense.


Bob is a ‘goddess in a man’s body’.  It does sound a bit gay, doesn’t it? The ‘A’ influence analog of bob would have to be the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. A person, with a beard, breasts, and a long glittery dress like starlight, provoking mingled confusion, fear and wonderment. A hallucination at the end of a rather long strange party – in this case, a fancy dress party where everyone came as accountants, librarians and university professors.


How is a rapist entitled to the term ‘heterosexual’ or ‘gay’?  By committing an act of deliberate sexual violence and harm, surely you forgo the sex part of the sex act.  Is rape sexy?  Is rape ‘gay’?  Is it ‘straight’?  Gay is a word for same sex love and relationships. Love is nice. What bob’s doing isn’t. Where is the love in his actions? Where is the love of men in his ‘homosexuality’?  How is it that malice aforethought towards others' minds, hearts and genitalia on a mass scale can be regarded as being harmlessly, just a bit ‘gay’? or ‘gay’ at all?  Maybe, for some, it’s ‘one of the expenses of being in this school’.


It is not merely promiscuous, but a deliberate violation of what should be sacred to every individual, by means of grooming, corruption, intimidation and insinuations, leading to sexual violence which can and almost certainly must have lifelong implications. Not gay. Not even remotely ‘homosexual’.  More Holocaust.


‘You’re a wasted face
You’re a sad-eyed lie
You’re a holocaust.’


   Alex Chilton



584. More history needed? on September 27, 2007 at 6:50 pm


My sexual experiences with Robert Burton started after one of the dinners at the Academy. I was 19 years old at that time and I had been at Renaissance for about a month. I had been to a dinner before but this time things went different than what I expected. After the dinner Robert asked me to stay a minute. When everybody had left he invited me into his “office”. He seated himself on the couch and invited me to come sit next to him. After a little bit of small talk he suddenly unzipped my pants and started to give me a blowjob. I was stunned, paralyzed and perplexed of what was happening. I had not even the slightest clue this was going to happen, and there was no time to say no.


When I came to my senses I said that I had to go to the bathroom (which was true). In the bathroom next to his office I was alone for a moment and this gave me a little time to recover from the shock and think things over. I really did not know what to think of it. This wasn’t something that I would have pursued on my own. But I felt that I couldn’t possibly reject the person that was my teacher, and the fact that Robert said that it was for my own good added even more weight to this. After a few minutes I went back, feeling ashamed that I was having sex with a man.


After I returned he took me to his bedroom where he continued to give me a blowjob. Physically it was somewhat stimulating but emotionally it was repulsing. Robert had noticed this because I had trouble keeping an erection. He said that I could “come between his legs if I wanted to” but that idea sounded totally disgusting to me and I didn’t respond to that.


I wanted to get it over with as soon as possible but I still felt I could not say no to Robert. In the end I managed to climax by fantasizing about having sex with women instead. Afterwards we were lying on his bed when the lights went on and off erratically. Robert said that C-Influence did that, and that C-Influence wanted us to be intimate.


Robert led me out of the front door. I was so happy that I did not have to pass through the kitchen, and that I saw no other people. Ashamed I disappeared in the night. Strange as it may sound, all of this hadn’t undermined my trust in Robert. I just didn’t know how to handle the situation and my own feelings.


About a week later we were working in the vineyard when Robert’s metallic 4wheel dive drove up to our spot and stopped. We were in the harvesting time and we were just having a break from the hard work and hot weather. Rosemary Rexford came walking up to me joking “Somebody must like you very much because you’re going out swimming”. We went swimming in a river not far from Renaissance. There were about 10 young men my age and a few older men that usually accompanied Robert wherever he went (like his secretary and the 2 men living at the Academy). Everybody was swimming naked, what somehow felt strange considering the strict swimsuit dress code in the Fellowship of friends. It was only much later that I understood that Robert took his Harem out for a swim.


A few days later I was at the lodge. It was quite late and most people had gone home. I was called to the phone because Robert wanted to speak with me. Robert asked me to come to him. I said that I’d like to be around him, but that I did not want to have sex with him again. Apparently that was the deal and I told him I was not coming.


Shortly after I was invited for a dinner. It happened to be a small dinner in Robert’s wine cellar at the Academy. There where 2 small tables. I sat with Robert on the one table. Robert’s secretary sat with another man on the other table. I could not see them because I was sitting with my back to them. Robert was Clearly “not amused” about our phone conversation. Seeing him trying to hide his irritation I asked him “Is that a ‘conscious’ negative emotion?” He said “Yes …”. In all my naivety I believed him. After dinner I thanked Robert for the nice dinner. I persisted that I did not want to have sex with him and I went home.


From that moment on a lot of things changed for me. When it became clear to Robert that I wasn’t going to have sex with him again, a lot of doors slammed shut. No more attention or kind words from Robert. No more dinners. No more presents. No more teaching. No more unconditional love. Even when I stopped his car he totally ignored me. (as a side note: his male companions in the car gave me their feminine-dominance-raised-eyebrows-look that made my confusion even bigger.) I felt very alone during that time and didn’t (dare to) speak with anybody about it. He did call me once a few weeks later if I would reconsider having sex with him but I had already made up my mind that I would not do anything like that ever again.


I went on to stay at Renaissance for the remainder of my 1 year visa. After I returned to my home country I remained in the Fellowship of friends for another 3 years. At the end of my membership I stayed in the Fellowship of friends because of all the sincere people at the Centre, who have been really helpful to me in many ways. However there came a point that I saw that students were becoming more and more identified with the form, and I could no longer bear the feeling that I was still supporting Robert by staying there. At one point I tried to talk to our Centre Director about my experiences with Robert. She replied: “Sometimes one has to transform the teacher’s weaknesses”.


It took me a long time to sort this thing out by myself. This hadn’t been a relationship of equals. Instead Robert abused his authority and my naivety to force me into having sex with him. If he had asked me first, telling me that it was for his own personal pleasure and that there was no obligation to have sex with him, then I would certainly have said no. Instead he jumped on me when I had all my personality defenses down. He used my naivety by telling me that having sex with him was for my own good and that it was with the consent of C Influence. He used everything he could find to get me into his bed: dinners, gifts, attention. And when that did not work he took all that away and used that to force me into having sex with him again. And most of all, he made me do something I felt disgusted about.


I am very sure Robert has no conscience, and therefore cannot be conscious either. I made the mistake in believing that “the lower cannot see the higher”. But in reality it is more like “The lower cannot see anything – not above and not below”. I do believe he is another kind of very special person. Ouspensky writes about this kind: “A hasnamuss is someone who is a tramp and a lunatic at the same time. […] he never hesitates to sacrifice people or to create an enormous amount of suffering, just for his own personal ambitions.”



Bruce on September 27, 2007 at 7:23 pm


584 More history needed?


Thank you for that. Many of us shared almost identical experiences, so I know how hard it is to share it with people who cannot and will not ever really understand what it’s like. It was a noble and brave gesture on your part, and will help with the healing.


Those who do not believe that this happens all the time, or those who think one can “just say no” readily, can go [bleep] themselves.


Again, thank you.



'ton on September 29, 2007 at 5:10 pm


584 More History Needed?
I add my voice to the chorus of thanks for your story.


i’m not easily shocked – i was after-all, one of “conscious bob’s boy-toys” many moons ago… but i was indeed disturbed when reading your story.


i left the fof in ’83 and i’ve spent years in therapy. when i left, i found myself “alone against the world,” without support, and after my rescue from the streets, therapy was a means of surviving and understanding something about that episode in my biography. i can say now, many years removed, that time does change one’s perspective. you are lucky for the support of friends here, something i didn’t have. i’ve “verified” the blog can have a therapeutic effect… “all things in moderation.”


my years in therapy eventually lead me to work in the therapeutic field, interesting work… i suppose i have the fof experience to thank for that. also interesting to note that the word “therapist” can be broken into two words — “the rapist.” i bring this up because it is a reminder to me of the potential for abuse and the necessity for scrupulous observance of the trust and boundaries involved in the therapeutic relationship… the soul of a “client” is touched by the therapist. without said observance, a therapist can become a rapist on many levels.


likewise in teaching, there exists a maxim or principle / principal which goes-without-saying, that is to say, there’s an understanding of the potential for abuse because the relationship is based upon a certain power a teacher has over students… that power is in part based upon a student’s trust, it is a type of surrender on the part of the student, a teacher touches this bared-soul. chronological age is a non-factor in the relationship, it matters not if the student is 10 or 21 years of age… trust by the student and responsible care for that trust on the part of a teacher, defines the relationship.


without an impeccable respect of boundaries, a teacher does damage to the student… in this regard, need more be said in the case of the rapist rb… the evidence of damage is clear. (i lived with brian sisler for a brief time at the academy and considered him a friend. because i trusted “the teacher,” my unborn offspring was scraped from the womb of my wife). “lines” were, and are crossed by “the teacher” — as we used to refer to this “thing” who still occupies the time and energy of too many good and self-sacrificing people here… these “spiritual warriors.”


the issue of age (i was 21– going on 12), consent and responsibility for my actions is something i’ve wrestled with for a long time. i know this is a topic of some discussion here, most recently with “vinnie the fish.” i’ll “cop” to it without going into garish detail, i did make a “conscious choice” to get as close as i could to “the source,” “the teacher,” “the horse’s mouth” ( the horse’s arse – hey malcom, grace us with a limerick again, sometime). i did let the man suck my cock, i didn’t have the sense to recognize the situation in order to avoid it in the first place. i am culpable because on my part it was a selfish act, i thought it would accelerate my evolution to be closer to the supposed fount of “c-influence.” as a result of my action in this case, my wife and child suffered physical damage and even death because i was only thinking of my own “evolution.”


i owe my ex-wife, my dead child, my own “greater-self” and “The Universe,” apologies for that selfish act and i know there’s hell to pay… i’ve lived it. in my own defense i’ve rationalized and chalked-it-up to naivete, the situation dictated choices that i made or at least limited the choices i could make… i was young and didn’t have the good sense to realize what the situation was in order to avoid it… “you live and learn” as granny used to say, how true… that maybe an acceptable excuse on one level…


on-the-other-hand, during the sex act, i did realize i was acting against my own “natural inclinations” but i did it because i thought it would lead to something more profound than a blowjob. my compliance in this case meant not being “true to myself,” that’s another one of the sins i live with. i can’t change the past, i can change the way i look at it though, and i would like to think that involvement here might in some small way contribute to changing this particular abuse of power. some measure of retribution would be satisfied (for me) if the abuse of power were to cease.


ignoring the problem (as i have for many years) apparently doesn’t make it go away. for what it’s worth, to the gods of the blogosphere if no one else, i offer up apologies for my ignorance in this… and many thanks to those who have made it part of their purpose here to expose “the terror of the situation” to the light-of-day.


(for what it’s worth) part of my process involves “spending time” reconnecting with great-nature… continual regeneration of this being called “Earth,” is represented by the seasons… it is early autumn here, the air is clear and cool with sunlight as the leaves begin to turn from green to gold and red…



From The Invisible War: Military Sexual Predators Revealed (award winning documentary by Kirby Dick)


"This is not an issue of sexual orientation; this is an issue of power and violence.  Male sexual predators have targeted whoever is there to prey upon…" 


"A great wall of silence has gone up to protect the guilty."


"…rapists prey on other human beings and stalk them.  They wait until the victim is at the most vulnerable point in time to perpetrate their crimes."


"Most sex offenders have this hidden persona that nobody ever sees but the victim.  Therefore, when they're caught, or if somebody reports, people don't tend to believe that [report or victim] because they don't see the 'typical' sex offender."


"Most sex offenders are hunters.  Just like any hunter, they study their prey –  study their movements – study their behaviors – study the environment."


"Particularly for a savvy perpetrator, to work within a relatively closed system, like the military, it becomes a prime sort of target-rich environment for a predator." 


"If he does it once and gets away with it, he thinks 'Wow, this was pretty easy. I'm gonna try it again.'"



The Wizard of IzJune 18, 2007 at 12:40 am 


The author of this text is an imaginary person who doesn’t exist except in the minds of those who believe him to be real. Any similarity to real persons or events is pure coincidence.


“The only way to get something from a School is by owning one”
The Wizard of Iz


There exists a kind of man who is destined to direct and dominate. Men that with just one look or a word, enforce their desires where others would need great effort and eloquence. Men who seem to find themselves in a place inaccessible to the rest of humanity, and possess something majestic and incomprehensible which distinguishes them from common men who submit hopelessly to them. Their arguments – when they speak – subjugate more than convince, and originate from a strong and magnetic character that seems more to give orders than present persuasive arguments. Even the strongest wills are subjugated, in a solid and secret bond to these men.


Speaking simply and without hypocrisy, we can say that human society is divided between those few that dominate and the great majority that suffer domination. As you already know from experience, I belong to that select few that dominate.


This simple truth has always been disguised particularly in religious and political realms. For centuries every kind of theory has been created which has tended to produce the illusion of “equality” in politics, or “divinity” in spirituality.  In the political, where the people are really different, we try to make them believe they are equals.  In the spiritual, where people really are equals, we try to make them believe they are different.


Having established what seem to me these clear and natural principals of human existence, I’d like to comment on what it means to create and direct an organization like ours that – although small – has all the essential characteristics of any society.


Any man intending to place himself over and above a group of followers must above all consider the problems of mind control, and the direction of the attention of his disciples.


Alex was a great teacher of this art, and I learned from him the elementary rules that I would later develop for myself into an original form.


In my last posting (3/156) I explained how – with the creation of an imaginary and fantastic world full of gods and supernatural events – I was able to imprison many minds and take them where I wanted. The secret is in the creation of an ample belief system that allows any visible contradiction to be resolved by ideas found within the system itself, thereby impeding all personal reflection. Due to the subtlety of my influence, and after a certain time, a kind of mind control – originating inside you – became possible. You began to manipulate yourselves internally, and in some cases went still farther than I myself could have hoped.


It’s true that the essentials of mind control came principally from myself, and in this I carefully refine that which renders a good result.


All this has formed part of the Great Plan that has produced the masterpiece of mind control and domination that some students have ironically called “Masculine Dominance”. This concept is quite complex and involves many factors that perhaps I will speak of in another moment.


For now we could reduce it to these three principle objectives:


1) The invention of a fantastic world in which I made you live for all these years.
2) The sexual possession of hundreds of young male students.
3) The imposition of innumerable exercises that needed to be followed without exception.


This time I want to speak particularly of this last point and of how these exercises work upon your psychology – you who have practiced them for many years. Exercises always serve more than one purpose, and their main purpose is to serve me. Through them I protected myself, I satisfied my most uncontrolled desires, strengthened the cohesion of the group, transmitted my subliminal messages over the five continents, and kept everyone’s attention directed towards myself.


The first and most important exercise of all – and in this I consider myself a pioneer – is the Non-Expression of Negative Emotions.  My predecessors investigated and wrote about this theme but nobody before me imposed their total non-expression. A bold move…  This exercise is fundamental for controlling behavior.  Since I’ve lived all my life in the outer limits of what people think is legal or moral, all animosity or criticism should be suppressed before it manifests. The main benefit is obviously my own protection. Non-expression of negativity towards me, my extravagant or immoral behavior, my desires and my orders.


With this exercise, it’s as though we were fighting a duel, you and I, wherein before the action starts I have disarmed you – but not myself.


The second helpful aspect of this task is to maintain the group’s integrity by the internal repression of any emotions that may tend to disperse the community. I’ve used the expression “transform negativity” but I don’t believe anybody knows exactly what this means and I must confess, me neither. Non-expression of negativity was very successfully combined with “not gossiping”, which given my lifestyle, is indispensable.


Unfortunately this practice has become a type of internal poison for many individuals that we know here in Iz.


Many members succumb to depression. Others suffer from chronic fatigue, hysteria, or insomnia. Some have contracted serious disorders of the nervous system, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, and many have cancer and have died from it. Anyways, we can consider that all of this is within the necessary cost of any important business, and it seems to me that it can be considered irrelevant.


Second in importance was “The Sex Exercise” which lasted more than twenty years and which I rescinded in 1998 to compensate for the failure of the prediction of the fall of California into the Pacific. This exercise had more than one aim, but its principal function was to maintain the sex energy of the young male students (that would be pent up inside them) to facilitate my seducing them. Depriving them of their sex life outside of marriage made them more vulnerable and desiring to alleviate themselves at almost any cost. I was able to relieve hundreds of them, who after having worked for me till exhaustion all day long, found themselves tired and with a very weakened will.


The most precious moments of my life have occurred when I found myself facing a shocked child, trembling, full of sex energy, whom I had convinced was standing in front of an angel in human form and who didn’t understand exactly what was happening. Little by little, or perhaps suddenly, I would undermine him. Fear – combined with his nascent desire – or fear together with his moral convictions, are the source of my maximum pleasure. And a tyranny in my life…


Energy liberated by fear is a fine consumable for beings like myself, who are not satisfied by the normal, and who seek the total submission of all others. It’s also the reason why the majority of my victims are passive, timid, usually small in stature, and don’t have a personal direction in their lives; they are easy to persuade and generally don’t speak about what happened to them.


From this point of view, I can say that the whole organization of the School has been conceived like a great spider’s web, spanning the whole world, whose center is the Galleria and where I, the Golden Widow dressed in pink silk, find myself always waiting for fresh meat. I don’t believe there’s a man who has occupied an important role whom I haven’t sexually possessed. Of course I can’t say the same about the women working in key roles, but many of them are single, and they sublimate their loneliness for my sake.


The second objective of this exercise was to reduce the promiscuity of the era of “free love”, helping avoid conflicts within the group, and to avoid the spreading of venereal diseases that may have affected me personally. I imposed stringent fines upon those that disobeyed and I leveraged the associated feelings of guilt that are so strong in our Christian society.


I have used many and diverse exercises of lesser importance over the years, designed to keep group attention focused upon myself, and the organization; all gave good results.


For example, the “name change” exercise that I used more than 25 years ago, and which I’ve used to a lesser extent more recently, is excellent for partially appropriating the identity of a student, and make him “belong” to the organization, and myself. The same can be said of the exercises around dress – it produces a feeling of group identity that serves my aims well.


The “word exercise” was very appropriate for maintaining the cohesion of the group because it allowed students to “photograph” one another constantly in daily life, making them active participants in my game. The same can be said about the exercises around food and eating.


One of the most extraordinary methods of group unification was the idea to observe the appearance of the number 44. In those times, almost nobody knew about the reality of synchronicity or about quantum physics, which demonstrate that our attention attracts what it seeks.


Recently, when different languages multiplied substantially in Iz, it seemed right that I should impose English as the only mode of communication for several reasons: it was quite disagreeable to hear around me almost all unknown languages, which weakened my power over others. I also found it necessary that my acolytes of the inner circle could listen to and understand conversations in public places during the time I started the “new form”, which already attracted so much opposition. I learned of many subversive conversations in this way. Little by little however, the exercise was not respected and I was forced to rescind it before I started to look ridiculous.


These days, with so many upset students who have left – or are about the leave – the School, I am finding a strong weakness in the exercise of “Not relating to Ex-Students” which I imposed from the start. This exercise limited the influence of those that had freed themselves over those still under my power. I had better find a quick solution to this disquieting problem.


Recently a naive and adorable student asked me if my way with others was a product of the fear I instilled or the love I inspired. I answered that the ideal is to have both fear and love.


If it is not possible to have both, it is preferable and more reliable to be feared than loved. Human beings love in an unstable way, in accord with subjective circumstances. Fear can be objectively controlled at the whim of the dominator.


Most important is to avoid being hated…whenever possible. Those that truly know human nature know that everything can change in this world and all is susceptible to rise and fall. A man like myself, who in diverse ways has taken great risks, and whom fortune has favored for a long time, must take measures to prevent the fall, and not wait for it to happen suddenly.


Prosperity, if we can refer to it as a state, is nothing more than a passing state, and fortune – which appears to be of a feminine character since it has the inconstancy of that sex, can change at any time, and can let her chosen ones fall into sufferings in proportion to her favors. Therefore I think it more certain, when the moment indicates, to break with fortune suddenly, rather than being struck unexpectedly and precipitately from behind.


The moment we find ourselves at the top of our career is the moment when fortune can take away everything, and before the storm comes, one needs to hurry to the nearest and most secure harbor.


“I am what I am and sometimes worse”


Love, The Wizard of Iz



120. ton2uAugust 9, 2015


Though difficult to recognize when you’re in the cult, after you step outside of cult programming, its use of mind-control techniques becomes all too obvious.


For example the “eternal damnation” meme is already deeply embedded in the collective psyche of “western” (judeo-christian and including muslim) cultures. This idea is a control mechanism that’s been used by religions for hundreds of years – along with belief that the only way to avoid damnation is to adhere to the religion and to follow its dictates. burton adopts and uses this idea with the threat of one’s soul “going to the moon” should you “lose” the school – it’s the “4th way” equivalent of “eternal damnation.”


Another mind-control technique has to do with the nature of burton’s numerous false prophecies, there’s always a prediction of some cataclysmic event hanging in the air, threatening all those who are not part of his “school.”


Whether the “prophecies” are true or false isn’t the point, nor the effect…. these “prophecies” are simply designed to scare those who are fooled into believing.


Psychological fear tactics act as part of the invisible fence which keeps the “flock” in their pen.





"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves…"  Matthew 7:15





Peter 2:12-14 The Message (MSG)


These people are nothing but brute beasts, born in the wild, predators on the prowl. In the very act of bringing down others with their ignorant blasphemies, they themselves will be brought down, losers in the end. Their evil will boomerang on them. They’re so despicable and addicted to pleasure that they indulge in wild parties, carousing in broad daylight. They’re obsessed with adultery, compulsive in sin, seducing every vulnerable soul they come upon. Their specialty is greed, and they’re experts at it. Dead souls!


Peter 2:12-14 Amplified Bible (AMP)


12 But these [false teachers], like unreasoning animals, [mere] creatures of instinct, born to be captured and destroyed, reviling things they do not understand, will also perish in their own corruption [in their destroying they will be destroyed], 13 suffering wrong [destined for punishment] as the wages of doing wrong. They count it a delight to revel in the daytime [living luxuriously]. They are stains and blemishes [on mankind], reveling in their deceptions even as they feast with you. 14 They have eyes full of adultery, constantly looking for sin, enticing and luring away unstable souls. Having hearts trained in greed, [they are] children of a curse.


Peter 2:12-14 The Voice (VOICE)


12 These people who speak ill of what they do not understand are no different from animals—without sense, operating only on their instincts, born to be captured and killed—and they will be destroyed just like those animals, 13 receiving the penalty for their evil acts. They waste their days in parties and carousing. As they feast with you, these stains and blemishes on your community are feasting on their deceptions. 14 Their eyes are always looking for their next adulterous conquests; their appetites for sin cannot be satisfied. They seduce the unwary soul, and greed is the only lesson they have learned by heart. God’s curse lies upon them.



23. Bartlett Says:
March 11, 2007 at 11:46 pm


Well, Passerby (#15), Christ said so many things, didn’t he? About false prophets, false teachers, lawyers, scribes and Pharisees…he didn’t always withhold judgment:


“Any who lead these little ones astray, it would be better to have a millstone fastened around their neck and thrown into the sea.” (Matthew 18:6.)


Following his example, those New Testament “Conscious Beings” could really eat fire, couldn’t they?


“For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness.”

(Jude 1:4)


“But these … made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption … Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you… Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls…”

(II Peter 2: 12-14)


If you are really on a tear, you might want to read Romans 1, and all of II Peter and Jude. That will give you a little perspective, for context is everything, isn’t it?


There’s a reason you get the edited version of these things on daily cards, meeting cards, and the like. But the Cliff Notes aren’t enough. You have to read the whole thing, for, as Shakespeare said, “The devil can cite scripture for his purpose.” (Merchant of Venice, Act I, scene 3)


In any case, Passerby, nobody is getting crucified or stoned to death, so please strive for a sense of scale. Nobody is even having their wineglass taken away — all these posts notwithstanding.


(And to those posters who have urged no judgments until there is a “fair trial” — well, Robert has done a great deal to avoid precisely such a trial, hasn’t he?)


“In order for the process of healing to begin, a person must recognize the process of corruption occurring and say no to it” — and in our case, we must reverse it, too, Keith. Remember the ice splinter that entered the hearts and eyes of the children in Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen”?


Adios, all! May your ship sail free!



92. Mark Says:
March 14, 2007 at 9:34 pm


Dear still crazy (66)


Gay sex is not the issue. And it’s not even sex per se that’s troubling. Why would anybody object to the teacher having a sex life? But it is almost universally accepted that counselors and others in the helping professions should not engage in sex with the people they are trying to help. If they do, they will probably end up harming the client. In the guru/disciple relationship the problem is magnified to the nth degree. The student devalues his own feelings, thinking that the teacher knows what is best for him. The fact that the student is married and/or heterosexual may be of no importance to the teacher, but think of the consequences for the student! If the teacher wants to help the student, he should spend time TEACHING him something positive rather than using him as a sex toy.


The usual justification teachers give when they are discovered having sex with their students is to say it is “consensual.” But if the teacher is considered by his students to be a Living God, it is easy to understand why it is so hard for so many students to say no, especially when the teacher tells them that this will “help their evolution.” They feel that their eternal souls are on the line. They are dealing with a master manipulator and it takes a very strong will to resist. (In RB’s case this manipulation is just another version of what he does with the rest of the school, when he tells them that if they leave they will lose their chance at awakening “in this life or any other life.” What nonsense. Those of us who never believed it should not have remained silent when those ugly words were said again and again.)


Is it our business, you ask? Of course it is! People are investing huge amounts of time, effort and money in this school. They deserve to know the truth.


Most of the FOF leaders who depart are evidently too embarrassed to go public with the facts. (Stella Wirk was one notable exception. Where are the others? Miles? Joel? Your voices are needed.)


What should be done? One could just leave, as I and so many others have done. But those still in the school may decide that reform is the way to go. Rabbi Burns, in post 180 on the second board, outlined a direction that ought to be considered. Here’s another idea: thank RB for his service, give him a pension and send him on his way.



OllieFeb. 24, 2008


Excerpts from a meeting Robert Burton led on February 10th:


Robert:  Before we begin our meeting (…) we will discuss Alex Horne [sic, actual spelling is ‘Horn’] who recently completed his task. [Picture is shown] This is a photograph of Alex, the only one we have in our files. In fact, he is with us now; he is in the room with us. He was born in 1929, just before the stock market crash that began the Great Depression. He completed his task in Montana, which is not far away. In fact, you could have breakfast here and have dinner there, it is that close. He looks a little like Walt Whitman, does he not? He was seventy-eight. We learned of it last night during the margarita dinner. He completed his task last year on September 30th, but we just found out about it out last night — a hundred and one nights after it occurred — like the One Thousand and One Nights — meaning a fairytale ending for Alex.


[Another picture is shown] This painting by William Blake shows God Creating the Universe. [A third picture is shown] This photograph of a lightning storm over San Francisco was on my desk this week. From one angle you could say it was great Influence C sending down this lightning. It could be a discreet message from Influence C: Alex Horne completing his task in Montana (Joe Montana was a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers), Sarah, with the same birthday as the day on which Alex Horne’s completed his task, totaling her car, perhaps signifying a total disaster.


The way we received the school from Influence C was through Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Collin, and Horne. I remember that when Alex crystallized I was a young man, around twenty-seven, but I was able to recognize that he had crystallized and had the starry world in his eyes. And I said to him, “Congratulations!” I was so grateful that I was evolved enough to see it. Last night after the dinner I went to the library and he was there with me. All I said was, “Congratulations!” — the great cycle of forty years complete! When I was told that he completed his task I just blew him a kiss. It was so spontaneous and it came so sincerely from the heart. “He is out! He is out!” — the great truth in front and the great lie behind. Sylvia completed her role on January 4th — the “mark” [a pun on her last name] meaning the four wordless breaths.


Alex Horne passed totally unrecognized, and that is fine with him. It is like Rilke, who died isolated in Switzerland. The woman attending Alex said that he knew as much as Gurdjieff. Well, he knew a lot! Did you have anything to add to that, Patricia?


Patricia: I was briefly with Alex Horne before I met Robert. When I advised him that I was leaving his group to study with a teacher in Berkeley, he asked me who it was. I said that I did not know the teacher’s name, but somehow later I understood what he meant, because he kissed me on the forehead and said, “If ever I produced a conscious being, my role as a teacher is complete.” And that was a message for Robert.


Robert: Alex brought us the sacred flame. It was he who introduced us to self-remembering.



176. WhaleRider – July 15, 2014


“If the (guru) is delusional, he will not know it. He will function, sometimes very highly, with some students who will believe in his ability to know what is best for them, who will believe his claim that all he does and tells them to do is in their best interests, and comes from his love for them. These students will not see, sometimes for many years, that it is actually their (guru’s) own self-interest being served, because they will have needed and wanted his approval so much. They will have wanted to place themselves within the glow of his prestige so much, and believed so deeply in his claims to be able to transform them into people like him, a fully-realized master.


They will not realize how dependent and how diminished he has made them, so that he could hold on to them, by showing them again and again how far they still have to go.”


~"Traumatic Narcissism” – Daniel Shaw, 2014


In order to have healthy development, healthy ego boundaries, and a stable sense of self, the primary source of approval when we were young ought to come from our parents. Problems can arise when it doesn’t or is inadequate, and IMHO, that’s what can make a person vulnerable to being trapped in a cult, never really getting the approval they need to compensate for the deficiency.


To bind his or her followers as spiritual slaves, all the cult leader has to do is repeatedly give some approval here and there and then take it away.


Raising the consciousness of cult followers who are trapped in this perpetual, convoluted mind game is virtually impossible and difficult at best, because it means employing the Alexandrian remedy, severing the endless knot with the sword of truth, which is interpreted and pejoratively labeled as “negativity” by the fully indoctrinated cult follower.


You bring up an excellent point. Every ex-FOF follower was exploited and abused, not just Burton’s sexual abuse victims. It seems to me that if there were to be any legal remedy for the cult’s fraudulent activities, it would have to be from a suit filed collectively, on behalf of all of us, and not by one individual.



51. Bares Reposting August 7, 2014


Article in Time about recent research:

How Do You Spot a Narcissist? Just Ask


Jeffrey Kluger – Aug. 5, 2014 – Excerpts:


‘It’s not easy to diagnose most personality disorders. But narcissism is a snap—since the narcissists themselves know who they are.


Narcissists are alternately preening, entitled, aggressive, greedy, insensitive, vain, unfaithful, dishonest, lethally charming (a charm you buy at your peril) and sexually exploitative. They may represent merely 1% to 3% of the general population—but that’s only full-blown, capital-N narcissism, the kind formally known as narcissistic personality disorder. There are plenty of other people with lowercase, sub-clinical cases of the condition who can do all kinds of damage—and the odds are very, very good there are at least a few in your life.'


How can you learn to recognize a narcissist at a glance? Easy, suggests a new study published in PLOS One: Just ask them.  New study:


Narcissism is typically diagnosed with a 40-item questionnaire known as the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, or NPI.  Take it here:


. . . . . . .


'All of this — the fragile ego, the tenuous human ties, the overweening self-regard – inevitably comes crashing down, even if less calamitously than it did for the proto-Narcissus. It’s for the narcissists themselves to recognize the dangers in the condition to which they admit so readily. And it’s for everyone else to get out of the way while they’re figuring it out.’


“Narcissists have no problem admitting they are narcissists,” a coauthor on the paper tells the Los Angeles Times.



79. brucelevyAugust 12, 2014




80. brucelevyAugust 12, 2014


The above indicates a genetic basis “triggered” by environment and nurture.


Causes of Narcissistic Personality Disorders – Last Updated: May 23, 2010 by Karyn Thompson.

What Are the Causes of Narcissistic Rage?  Last Updated: Mar 10, 2011 by Aubri John.



121. Tim Campion August 21, 2014


During my years in the Fellowship, whenever the news reported a scandal involving a church or cult, we Fellowship members were quick to draw distinctions and reassure ourselves that the Fellowship bore little resemblance to these other misguided, and often criminal, organizations.


Now it is impossible to watch a story such as the one below and not see the many similarities.


Cult of Horrors



122. brucelevyAugust 21, 2014


Thanks Tim. I would say, in my personal experience, that the video pretty much represents Robert and men (boys), in the late 70’s and early 80’s (when I left) about 85-90% of the dynamic shown in the video. I suspect most “gurus” follow the same dynamic to exploit their sheep.


But, as I understand it, it progressed to an even more grotesque degree after I left.



From the Introduction to NO CONTACT: How to Beat the Narcissist by H G Tudor, published 2016:


The concept of No Contact is widely regarded as the most effective way by which a victim can escape the influence and effects of a narcissist. This is entirely correct. No Contact is the killer blow against the narcissist . . . The starting point for understanding how best to implement and maintain No Contact is to understand what it is that the narcissist wants. Many people when asked this question will respond by suggesting things such as control, domination, superiority, attention, admiration, the destruction of those who oppose him and . . . All of those descriptions are correct but they happen to be by-products of the one thing that a narcissist wants . . . The sole reason we engage with certain individuals is because they provide us with one thing: fuel. This fuel is the catchall for any form of emotional reaction whether it is through word or deed that another person provides . . . It may be an admiring look, attentive comments, angry insults, tear-filled pleading or a tender hug. All of these and far more amount to the provision of fuel. We need fuel. It is the very thing that secures our existence. . .


    We have plenty of experience at luring people in with our sugarcoated words and empty promises. . .



171. WonderingDecember 4, 2008


Here’s some fresh words from the big man himself (FOF meeting 11/26). Whereas all the current members are free to discuss these words, none of them are allowed to question them. We can. There’s more if you want…


Good evening, my dears. We are truly the luckiest people in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries because we have so much outside help.


“Do not remember the past, remember the present.”


Rumi said, “Can you remember the present?” It was a huge step for us when we heard this thought, for it began our study of the Sufis. “Can you remember the present?” It is music to our ears. (105) Here are five of us looking at the ruins of Palenque.


[After inquiring about a book a student was reading:] “Schools have been practicing the ‘power of now’ for thousands of years. They have perfected a scientific method for awakening—the sequence. Schools are the source, and the rest is a byproduct of their work.”


(124) A rock painting from Lascaux, dating from 30,000-15,000 BP, depicts five stags crossing the Vézère River, which was their Nile.1 Here we see the message already perfected by the prehistoric school. The Kabbalah says, “The first five commandments imply the second five.” Together the five stags have seventy-two antlers. It looks chaotic, but it has the same meaning as the pyramid of Yucatan—seventy-two—the control of the passions. (224) The great stag from Lascaux is easier to understand.2 He has five points on the top of each antler, and eight points together on the bottom of his antlers, representing the inhalation and exhalation of the four wordless breaths. At the bottom of the image are a narrow gate, and thirteen dots, representing the first Bar Mitzvah.


“One has to be willing to relinquish negative emotions, and the sequence enables one to do that.”


BE stops the lion from roaring. Ouspensky said that the last thing one would give up is one’s negativity. For the lower self, to eliminate the negativity means to eliminate him.(119) Six lions support the columns of a pulpit in the cathedral of Sessa  Arunca.3 Starting with the lion in the left-hand corner, they represent Be, Hold, Look, Back (the only one facing in the other direction), Look, and BE. It is very nice, is it not?


“If one speaks too quickly, one does not even know that one is talking. Once one begins, the lower self will bring as many words as quickly as it can to displace presence.”


This is true if one speaks too quickly or for too long. With every word one says it is a chance to fall asleep, and with every word one does not say it is an opportunity to be present. What we do not say is more important than what we do say. (179) A sculpture from Chartres depicts a devil overthrowing a woman. The nine of hearts is being controlled by the black queen in prolonged imagination. The serpent has her by the ear.


“To the lower self, presence is an irrelevant issue; only imagination has any importance for it.” (135) A detail of a painting by Jacopo Tintoretto depicts Tarquin and Lucretia.4 2 Lucretia’s necklace of sequential pearls, with six pearls on one side, and four on the other represents a broken sequence. It is like Eve about to fall from Paradise.


“When we are together, we form a beautiful, mystical body of presence.” [Michael Malloy, Apollo]


I do not think there can be a better description of these events. (147) Here is a group of us in Palenque. [During lunch, Robert gave an exercise to the students at the adjacent table. One student was to observe silence throughout the lunch, while the others were to speak no more than six sentences. After observing the effect of this exercise, Robert said:] “Now we are all in the same state. Remember this state and try to be this person at all times, whether we are together or not, with or without the exercise.” Gujduvani said, “Remember yourself always and anywhere.” (207) Here we are at a Thai restaurant in Mexico.


“It is much more difficult to be beautiful within than without.”


The state we are in never fades, while of course, the physical body disintegrates. (216) The St. Petersburg Jacobson Ballet company was performing in Merida when we were there. They danced the full-length Swan Lake and they were actually quite good. (116) This jester was as good as any dancer you would see at the Bolshoi or Kirov. It was a wonderful treat. It is a very serious company.


“One thing that can be said of me after I complete my role is that I never stopped trying to lift you up, away from the lower self.” Tiramisú—“lift me up”—is the favorite dessert at Apollo d’Oro. I rarely become tired of reminding you to be present. Walt Whitman said, “I carry my old delicious burdens . . . I carry them with me wherever I go”—the sequence. (121) Here I am reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets with a little heart on my nose.


“It is a privilege to use one’s entire energy to assist Influence C, one’s school, one’s fellow students, and one’s self. In our own little way we are helping the Absolute, but I am afraid that we are more work than help.”


(112) Here we are atop the pyramid at Chichén Itzá, above the jungle—the ten thousand ‘I’s. It was quite a privilege to reach the top, because very few people are allowed to go up. We may have been the only ones to do so in October. It was quite nice to be able to finally go up after looking at the images and speaking about it many times. (212) This is a bird’s-eye view from the top. (213) Here I am bowing.


“In a sense, our entire mental world is a bull-fighting ring. This is the real arena—one must slay the bull internally.”


As we were flying into Mexico City, I saw a bullfighting ring from the airplane. (111) This marvelous image shows a bullfighter slaying an upside-down bull. It symbolizes card twenty-one slaying the lower self. It requires courage to use the sequence and be present. “Be whisks us into the present.”


Mohammed called Be the “piercing star” because it pierces imagination. Plautus said, “Easier said than done.” It is easier to say Be than to appear with Be. (104) This fierce-looking warrior on the left has four divisions under his mouth, and nine plumes at the top.



181. Jomo PiñataDecember 5, 2008


This short article is good:


What Could Be More Tempting
Than An Exclusive Club Run By God Himself
Mirabella, August 13, 1993
By Barbara Grizzuti Harrison



183. James MclemoreDecember 5, 2008


Yes – thank you Jomo Pinata – I have some first hand experience with the JW’s; and although most of the article was about that need for certainty and the fanaticism it can cause, this line also stood out:


“A charismatic leader can hold onto his flock even when his prophecies fail. In a way, it’s like a bad marriage; you stay in it to recoup your investment.”



184. up with which I will not putDecember 5, 2008


“People will do almost anything in a group and will do anything not to be rejected,” said psychologist Philip Zimbardo, a professor emeritus at Stanford and famous for his 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, which divided student volunteers into “prisoners” and “guards” and showed how easily people could be induced to commit sadistic acts.


“They give up a sense of personal accountability and diffuse responsibility to the leader.”



244. somebodyDecember 6, 2008


171. Wondering, you missed these gems from The Call of the Loon:


“Even though we are making maximum effort, it is Influence C who control most of our ‘I’s, including work ‘I’s.”


The stock market closed at 444 yesterday. It was Influence C signing their work. This is a license plate we encountered in Mexico saying “RN-44-371.” Why does it not say 365?  Because it means using the sequence every day of the year – 365+6. That is how Influence C work.




“It is an obvious absurdity to be conspicuous with Influence C hovering invisibly around us.”


If we could only remember this, then we might not engage so freely in unnecessary talk. I very much like Gregory of Nissa’s thought: “If evil was presented to us as it really is, unadorned with some semblance of good, we would not fly to it so easily.” If imagination was presented to us as it really is – a very deceptive, shadowy figure trying to break our presence – we would not listen to it so easily. It is a very beautiful angle. *Here is a group of us in Palenque. I am making a heart with my fingers. I detected Leonid fifty to seventy-five meters away from me taking the photograph.




“We are all children dealing with the bully of lower self.”


Fortunately, Influence C are on our side. *Here we see a young boy in Palenque with the number ‘seventy-two’ on his t-shirt, representing the control of passions. Palenque was a place to control the passions, as Apollo is for us. Influence C give us many names and numbers wherever we go.




“When we use the sequence or one of the thirty work ‘I’s and succeed in reaching presence, it is because the third eye emerged in response to our effort.”


Guerric of Igny said, “He who created you, is created in you.”  *A Mexican magazine cover features a lady with one eye. She reminds me of Diana Vishneva, the Russian Ballet dancer. I had a dream last week in which Leonardo was pleading for my help, and I used it today to remind me to do everything I could to assist his efforts to help me to be present. Influence C plead for our help because it makes their job a little easier, and certainly more effective.




“Our best friend is our own presence.” [Myriam Borges, Valencia]


Hafiz said, “You are with the friend now. Learn what actions of yours delight him” – long BE. With the sequence one is never alone – one has one’s self for a companion. *Here are Asaf and I drinking coconut juice.




"A useful aim is not to toss to other people. It brings out something unrelated to control of centers.”


The jacks of centers like to casually toss things around to promote sleep. *Here I am feeding one of our water buffaloes. I visit them every evening at 4:30. Kenneth Wygal and I call them "the girls".  On Monday we will have fifty of them here, all less than two years old.




“Presence does not have to die.”


That is why Influence C is here – so that we will never die. *Here I am at a teaching event in Mexico City. *Here I am in Tulim. I seem to be showing four teeth!



39. OllieMay 11, 2010


33. zannos


Regarding “the shoddiest bunch of claptrap imaginable”:


Robert Burton in a Fellowship meeting on the subject “The Nothing that is Something” (May 9, 2010):


‘A photograph shows a boy in an airplane wearing a tee-shirt saying “Yes.” His arms are outstretched in long-BE form and he is looking up. There is a great meaning behind this simple photograph. The twenty-first Olympics just finished, but before it began there was a tragic accident in which a young athlete died, leaving the Georgian delegation with six athletes. An American athlete named Apolo Ohno won eight medals in the winter Olympics. When my B Influence teacher died on the tennis courts at fifty-seven, his last words were “Oh no!” because he knew he was having a heart attack. He said, “Oh no!” and died right there. Apollo may survive the Last Judgment – oh no – yes! All things end in yes for schools if this comes to pass. There is a formatory phrase in life, “Seeing is believing.” Jesus said, “If you would believe on me” – if you would make the sequence act, so seeing is believing.’


There you have it. Wake up everybody, this rubbish will not turn you into a “conscious being” one day, nor will a thousand sequences or a million wordless breaths!


Don’t listen to it any longer. Get out of the Fellowship and take time to heal. Learn again to be quiet with yourself, away from the relentless propaganda. Don’t let the Fellowship obscure the sun of your true being.


There is a silent peace, beyond all efforting, beyond all “gripping of the present”, beyond all those desperate desires to “be immortal”. Don’t be afraid. Relax. Trust it. Be silent. This silent peace is you. Has always been, will always be. Forever and ever.



116. Just the Facts Ma'am November 11, 2015

On the thread about commitment and bonding despite the cognitive dissonance:

“Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness. The FBI’s Hostage Barricade Database System shows that roughly eight percent of victims show evidence of Stockholm syndrome.

Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes 'strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other'. One commonly used hypothesis to explain the effect of Stockholm syndrome is based on Freudian theory. It suggests that the bonding is the individual’s response to trauma in becoming a victim. Identifying with the aggressor is one way that the ego defends itself. When a victim believes the same values as the aggressor, they cease to be perceived as a threat.”

Read more:

I would propose that Stockholm Syndrome is more prevalent than the 8% mentioned.



HigherM Says 


Dear Sheik,
I suspect that you are only publishing 1% of the letters that you receive in praise of the FoF. I hope that you will at least begin to re-balance your blog by publishing this.
As an advanced member of the FoF i must redress the balance that the weaker people who use your site have created.


The problem with so MANY small thinkers who write to you is that quite simply, they do NOT understand the FACT that Robert IS AN ANGEL and therefore far removed from the silly ideas of ‘good’/’bad'/right’/’wrong’ ‘truth’/’lie.’


Robert simply can do no wrong. It was many years ago that Robert ‘opened’ me, both physically and spiritually. YES, he has enabled me to build my soul and truly appreciate how dead are the poor lost souls around me. How the rest of the world outside The Fellowship is a nightmare full of dreaming people living in their imagination.


If Robert called me to turn myself inside out and follow him into the fiery furnace I would gladly follow, knowing that he could save me.


SO MUCH complaining about sexual encounters! I was happy to share my body with Robert. Fourteen years ago he gave me his higher love, causing me to awaken with his beautiful conscious energy, just as I now share myself with the many women who are grateful for my spiritual fluid, my divine energy to help them awaken, divinity created by Robert's own divine energy still inside me. His golden fuel for eternity inside my soul.


Robert guides us to live with delightful presence. How can all those life people complain? They know NOTHING!


YES Robert shows us sexual and other excess but, ‘THE ROAD OF EXCESS LEADS TO THE PALACE OF WISDOM!’ An angel CANNOT spread disease.


Every day as I cycle to work, in and out of the zombies, past all those dead faces and eyes living in their imagination, 99.9% of the population just bags of bones that jostle around this ant hill of London, soulless people as in all the other cities around the globe, I give thanks! I sing a hymn of light for the Crouch End Teaching House and all the other Teaching Houses that ROBERT has founded around the globe.


Praise the Gods! Thank God for Robert!


If you care enough to repent your negativity, then email me and i will reply, once only, to help you back onto the true path, the path that leads to salvation of the soul, away from the bag of bones that is you! You have your chance, be strong!



283. WhaleRider – May 22, 2010 [excerpt]

Folie à deux (English pronunciation: /fɒˈli ə ˈduː/ from the French for “a madness shared by two”) is a rare psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief are transmitted from one individual to another.


The same syndrome shared by more than two people may be called folie à trois, folie à quatre, folie en famille or even folie à plusieurs (“madness of many”).

Recent psychiatric classifications refer to the syndrome as dependency psychotic disorder and induced delusional disorder .

~from Wikipedia


43. Rear View MirrorJuly 12, 2008


I’m not sure if many of you had a similar experience with the Fellowship of Friends, but my experience was that Robert Burton and the rest of the FOF cult taught me some good things, but it also taught me some very bad things.


And mostly very bad things, and mostly without me realizing it.


One of the “bad things” to which I refer means being taught that something can’t be done. And being taught this over and over, over a period of many years.


Here’s the FOF form of being taught that you “cannot” …


• You cannot do.
• When you say that you cannot do, you will pretend that you are saying something completely different, and change the subject. But you are still uttering the words, “you cannot do.”
• You cannot say that you can do. And if you do say it, you quickly catch yourself.
• You cannot listen to someone who says that he or she can do.
• You cannot escape from the fact that you cannot do.
• You cannot do anything or change your life in any way — unless you pay us money.

• You cannot be limitless. You are limited. Yes I know the essence of the soul is limitlessness and freedom, and the FOF cult claims to foster the development of the soul, but we want you to believe that you cannot be limitless. You are limited.
• You cannot object, and you cannot argue.
• You cannot experience real and lasting change, unless of course you struggle through several theoretical lifetimes, and then you can experience real and lasting change.
• You cannot do anything on your own.
• You cannot help people “in life.”
• You cannot help the world or your nearest neighbors.
• You cannot help yourself without the help of the Fellowship of Friends.
• You cannot leave the Fellowship of Friends and still be connected to “something higher,” to the gods, the angels, to higher forces, or to anything spiritual.
• You cannot know yourself without the help of others in the FOF.
• You cannot be safe without the Fellowship of Friends.
• You cannot be “real” or create anything “real” without the Fellowship of Friends.
• Your life cannot have meaning without the Fellowship of Friends.
• You cannot say no to “your teacher.”
• You cannot say yes to someone who says no to “your teacher.”
• You cannot challenge “your teacher.”
• You cannot question whether he is “your teacher.”
• You cannot challenge the Fellowship of Friends or Robert Burton, and you cannot express dissent in any way.
• You cannot dispute the value of the Fellowship of Friends and Robert Burton’s so-called “teaching.”

• You cannot be limitless. You are limited. Yes I know the essence of the soul is limitlessness and freedom, and the FOF cult claims to foster the development of the soul, but we want you to believe that you cannot be limitless. You are limited.
• You cannot object, and you cannot argue.
• You cannot experience real and lasting change, unless of course you struggle through several theoretical lifetimes, and then you can experience real and lasting change.
• You cannot do anything on your own.
• You cannot help people “in life.”
• You cannot help the world or your nearest neighbors.
• You cannot help yourself without the help of the Fellowship of Friends.
• You cannot leave the Fellowship of Friends and still be connected to “something higher,” to the gods, the angels, to higher forces, or to anything spiritual.
• You cannot know yourself without the help of others in the FOF.
• You cannot be safe without the Fellowship of Friends.
• You cannot be “real” or create anything “real” without the Fellowship of Friends.
• Your life cannot have meaning without the Fellowship of Friends.
• You cannot say no to “your teacher.”
• You cannot say yes to someone who says no to “your teacher.”
• You cannot challenge “your teacher.”
• You cannot question whether he is “your teacher.”
• You cannot challenge the Fellowship of Friends or Robert Burton, and you cannot express dissent in any way.
• You cannot dispute the value of the Fellowship of Friends and Robert Burton’s so-called “teaching.”


“Cannot” is the motto of the FOF… Simply put: You cannot. And one of the reasons for this motto is that it keeps you there. Because if you cannot, then you had better stay.


Leaving the FOF — and even thinking about leaving the FOF — was a dramatic break in the clouds for me. The healing process, for me, has meant reconnecting with that part of me that simply says, “Yes, I can.”


I wrote extensively on the previous page about the idea of kindness. Whatever the confusion and occasional misunderstandings that may exist between us here, I sense a genuine exchange of kindness between people. Not always, and that’s definitely not always true about me, but it’s there, and it’s there as you will rarely see in the Fellowship of Friends.


And when I say “kindness,” I don’t mean “niceness.” Not sweet words. Not trying to be liked. Not wanting everything to be fine and comfortable and cozy and harmonious, and definitely not displaying it for others to see it like some sort of pretension of modesty or self-remembering.


But I mean a bold type of kindness. A kindness that is strong and free and filled with an uninhibited sort of love.


Finally, a very important thing that you “cannot do” when you leave the Fellowship of Friends cult, is “transform your suffering.”


I “bought" quite a lot of the nonsense in the Fellowship of Friends, but I never quite bought that idea… that “transformation of suffering” is somehow confined to Little Ole Fellowship of Friends Cult.


And everywhere else, vacuum and despair.


Imagine if we believed that. Imagine if we believed the world view of the FOF:


Then men and women could not go to war and watch friends die in battle, and return to write books that send chills up our spines and resonate straight to our souls. Men and women could not inspire change in their communities following years of watching their friends suffer because of injustices. Men and women could not create inspiring works of art after years of their own experiences with real suffering.


No, only in the FOF is that possible. Without the Fellowship of Friends…there is no transformation. No inspiration. No love. No meaning to life.


So to find meaning in your life, you write those checks and wash those pots, and nod approvingly. Or you shake your head, and pretend that you don’t approve, but inside you approve, each and every time you write that check.


Welcome to the world of the Fellowship of Friends.



16. Bares RepostingDecember 15, 2008


D.C.: ‘I think it’s prudent to keep an eye on them.’


There goes that ‘them & us’ attitude, again.


Daily Card Trick,
I suggest you keep an eye (third eye) on your conscience.



Bares Reposting:


Jiminy Cricket Says:
March 29th, 2007 at 11:12 am

‘Let your Conscience be your guide.’


Jiminy may be small, but he’s far from your average cricket. He can turn an umbrella into a parachute and looks great in a top hat and spats, and he carries a mean tune, as well as a nearly inexhaustible supply of home-brewed common sense. It’s no wonder he is chosen by the Blue Fairy to be Pinocchio’s ‘official’ conscience. Unfortunately for Jiminy, it’s only after he, blushingly, agrees to his appointment as ‘Lord High Keeper of the Knowledge of Right and Wrong, Counselor in Moments of Temptation, and Guide along the Straight and Narrow Path,’ that he realizes what a job he’s gotten himself into. Like any conscience, Jiminy is occasionally late on the job, and frequently ignored even when he is around. Fortunately, Jiminy is nothing if not persistent, and he eventually succeeds in steering Pinocchio back to the right path.


Consider then: ‘short Be becomes long BE,’ is to ‘flaccid becomes erect,’ is to ‘truth becomes lie,’ as Pinocchio nose (or, is that, Pinocchio knows?) grows (or not), or is any of that the other way around? What hath god wrought (or, is that, rot? or rod?)? I’m conf-you-sed? Go figure. Will the real boy please reveal his self?


‘Let your Conscience be your guide.’


~ Jiminy Cricket



Coward Harder Says:
April 21st, 2007 at 8:45 am


Howard Carter really Coward Harder, real FOF member, also known as Pinoccio, wooden puppet wishing to become real boy. Upon partial realization, relative awakening, to real boy, he meet with Robert Burden and is ‘exposed’ for what he really is: wooden object to be fondled and used for burden’s pleasure; nothing else. This is no fairy tale, possibly fairy tail, but more likely one awful nightmare that lasts lifetimes for many like him. He is advised by Jiminy Cricket, his CONSCIENCE, ‘Let your conscience be your guide,’ but is this heard? Is this verified? I don’t think so (Si-Do or So-Di or Do-Si-Do or So-Di-So; most likely: Do-Si-Do-Si-Do-Si. That makes a sequence simultaneously with representing beginning of descending octave (x 3): Do-Si-La-Sol-Fa-Mi-Re-Do
2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? What a dance!)


So maybe help is needed from Harder Gavin, the supposed man 5 pronounced by burden’s proof. But Harder Gavin is no more real boy than man in moon is made of green cheese, if such a thing exists at all, ask his wives and children. Harder Gavin will argue point, along with Coward Harder, to act as foil extraordinaire on this blog to bend the truth to FOF benefit, no matter what, due to desperation ad infinitum. Woe unto FOF as deception continues. Law of Karma exists whether you like it or not or belief in it or not. Get ready for Karmic pay back like FOF never seen before. Or, would you like to swing on a star; carry moon beams home in a jar; or be better off than you are; or would you rather be a. . . mule? (or substitute your own imagination.)


Descending ever so slowly,
Coward Harder



D.C., Foil me not.



129. OllieSeptember 26, 2011


57. WhaleRider
58. We Were There
61. Arthur
62. Red Hat
66. nigel


WhaleRider wrote: “My guess is that the cult is currently preoccupied with the next doomsday prediction in 2012.”


Indeed, Robert Burton is, when there is some spare time and he is not detecting “the message” in yet another circle or square, a number six or four. I came across some recent material:


Robert Burton on 6/22/2011:

“We received wonderful information on our visit to Dallas, Houston, and Fort Worth, and had four very nice dinners with two students in Dallas, GC and CE. As we were leaving, I mentioned to them that I felt the end was quite near for humanity. Just then there was a flash of lighting in the sky, and that night a tornado appeared in the region. I have been in many earthquakes with Influence C, but this was my first tornado! Related to the ‘circling centuries’ [this refers to a few lines by Virgil: ‘Now the last age by Cumae’s Sibyl sung/Has come and gone, and the majestic roll/Of circling centuries begins anew’], a group in Oakland predicted that the earth would come to an end on May 21st – the day we were leaving Texas. As soon as we drove away and waved goodbye to the two students, within thirty meters we saw this license plate in front of us saying ‘ALL DUN.’ Unbeknownst to us, when we left G and C, it was six o’clock at Apollo – the time at which the prophecy claimed that the world would end. There is a video we made of L pushing a globe. We call it ‘turning the world.’ After the globe began turning, he stopped it, and it weighed five thousand pounds! Then he started turning it again, pushing it four times. What this means is that Leonardo will see us through the Last Judgment. I believe that the Last Judgment will be the work of the angel Paul. Then Leonardo will begin a new civilization here at Apollo, with the new seed people from around the world. Only when we walked away did S realize that it was six o’clock Apollo time.”


Robert Burton on 9/14/2011:

“We have been working with Influence C for forty-four years, and are still waiting for them to realize their plans. But we are much closer – everything is in place now for the Last Judgment. It is becoming much more probable.”


“Next month, on October 4th, there will 444 days to the Mayan prediction of the end the cycle on December 21, 2012. The messages I am receiving indicate that they will not enact the Last Judgment in 2012, but more likely in 2018. It is based upon several signals they have given. In fact, as I was speaking about this with Dorian today an email arrived and my iPad chimed just as I said ‘2018.’”



131. WhaleRiderSeptember 26, 2011



Priceless! Thank you so much for your invaluable report.


“…as I was speaking about this with Dorian today an email arrived and my iPad chimed just as I said ’2018.’”


“As we were leaving, I mentioned to them that I felt the end was quite near for humanity. Just then there was a flash of lighting in the sky, and that night a tornado appeared in the region.”


“As soon as we drove away and waved goodbye to the two students, within thirty meters we saw this license plate in front of us saying ‘ALL DUN.’”


~Robert E. Burton


Ideas of reference and delusions of reference involve people having a belief or perception that irrelevant, unrelated or innocuous phenomena in the world refer to them directly or have special personal significance: ‘the notion that everything one perceives in the world relates to one’s own destiny’.


In psychiatry, delusions of reference form part of the diagnostic criteria for psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia, delusional disorder, or bipolar disorder during the elevated stages of mania.”





135. Ollie September 26, 2011


Just got some more recent material. Apologies, it’s very long, but I thought it might be worthwhile…


Robert Burton on 9/21/2011:

“On September 5, 1967, I met Alex Horn. This date marks the moment when angels from Paradise descended upon us, and our quest for divine presence began. We could say that on this day: ‘It has begun.’ Here [referring to a photo] we see a photograph of Alex Horn, showing four fingers on each hand. This [referring to a photo] is the Claremont Hotel and the Berkeley Tennis Club, where I played tennis. I met Influence C hitchhiking because it was just fashionable in the sixties; one would hitchhike from Berkeley to Carmel, and such things. I met Influence C in Berkeley on the crossing of Ashby and Domingo Avenues, like Placido Domingo, the singer. He was born in Spain and raised in Mexico, so it is an omen of my bringing the sequence – the Song of Solomon – to our school. Incidentally, the sequence is a ‘Song of the Self.’ It is four words. This is where our journey began. A doctor picked me up and gave me a ride. He would later turn out to be payment for Dr. Ethan Ha_s. So we did very well! The doctor was on his way to a prospective student meeting on Page Street (like William Page) in San Francisco. This [referring to a photo] is the house at 350 Page Street where I had my prospective student meeting. It is eight – three plus five. This [referring to a photo] is the interior. The owner was quite gracious about inviting us in. Here [referring to a photo] I am before the gated entrance. …I am looking up in gratitude to Influence C. I was just like you, one of many, one of seven billion. There was no particular reason on the surface they would give any of us this gift, but we are exactly the ones they wanted. And now we are all present and we can see why they wanted us.”


“Soon after I met Influence C on September 5th, forty-four years ago, one of my first observations was that life after death was not a theory. In a sense, this was our school’s first verification. Because before meeting Influence C we had all read literature about life after death, but our faith is a result of our verifications. We have the privilege of verifying that life after death does exist. … This [referring to a photo] is a road sign for Modesto, where I had a car accident. About three months after I met Influence C I had approximately a hundred stitches in my head. It is curious that a small group of students gave me a Miata as a gift last night. This is exactly the same as the car that I crashed in – a tan Volkswagen bug. I made a left-hand turn. The driver behind me stopped, but the driver behind him decided to pass, and I was hit broadside and shoved under a parked truck. I heard a horn (like Alex Horn), and ‘I’ said, ‘Well, it’s not for me.’ That is the most wrong about anything I have ever been in my life! I woke up and the nurse was saying, ‘Doctor, you did a beautiful job with those stitches.’ They rolled me out of the operating room and I just stood up and walked out. I took a taxi and then a Greyhound bus to my little one-room apartment. It was then that I realized how serious Influence C are about helping us. Of course, we have students who have experienced much worse than that. The Miata is a nice little gift, coming almost forty-four years after the Volkswagen. I also soon realized that I was under the guidance of Leonardo. Very early on I wondered who was helping me, and they started signaling Leonardo. Leonardo and I are very different, but also very similar from the point of view of presence. Later I will say a few things about why we are so different. If we survive the Last Judgment then many things will become self-evident.”


(A quote by Dave Archer – once a member of Alex Horn’s group – is read: “Alex used to say we were not in the ‘work,’ meaning the Gurdjieff Work. Repeatedly he described our endeavor as a small ‘preparatory school’ at best, saying that if we worked exceedingly hard on ‘growing being,’ one of us MIGHT join the ‘Real Work’ … someday.”)


“Patricia Ch_r, who read the angle, studied with Alex Horn for a little while. I studied with him briefly also, for eighteen months. Then he closed the group, leaving ten of us there, and Influence C removed me – they would not give me employment. Finally, I found employment cleaning a woman’s house – and she died unexpectedly. At that point they briefly made me a homeless person. Alex once came up to me with a tiny little Christmas bell about two centimeters tall. His little higher emotional center was working and he rang the bell in front of my third eye, meaning that we have a little school here – he and I. Of course, we have four large bells from a French foundry above Apollo d’Oro now. Inscribed on one of them are the words: ‘And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.’ We put it there without knowing what we know now. Anyway, even today we are a school in our infancy. During my time with Alex, he openly spoke about my role and his role as being conscious roles. Also Influence C did not reveal themselves to anyone else in his group, but in our school everyone verifies Influence C to enter the Way. The inner meaning of ‘entering the way’ is reaching long BE and completing the sequence – entering the way to presence. …This [referring to a photo] is a view of the ranch that Alex owned for a few years. Patricia, would you like to speak about this? Yes, it is a functioning vineyard now. Sharon and Alex owned the property, and they brought students up there on the weekends to work. You went, did you not?”


Patricia: “Yes, I did. I was in charge of the refuse. I remember that Alex once drove by in a red Jaguar that he enjoyed, which had a big dent in the hood. He was watching me in a very sweet way as I worked with the refuse. It was a touching moment in our play.”


Robert Burton on 9/21/2011:

“In 1967, someone saw something no one else did, a celestial influence coming to make men immortal. Once again, in 1971, the same miracle occurred and the school (Apollo) was started by the grace of Influence C.”


“Here is a photo of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Rodney Collin, and Alex Horn. Of all of them, we learned the most from Ouspensky. Before the sequence Ouspensky was the most quoted figure by far, but now we rarely mention his name. Why? At the end of his life he said, ‘If man was made to remember himself there must be some simple method. I’ve been looking all of my life but it was never given to me’ – by Influence C.”


“As a young person, I did not have a desire to teach, but I did it because Influence C asked it of me. Others had a strong desire to become teachers, and that was their downfall.”


“From the beginning, I knew I was following the directive of angels. …This [referring to a photo] is a Meissen urn decorated with ascending cherubim. It is now in Anthony and Patricia Ch_r’s collection. We used this image on our bookmark. Did any of you meet the school through this bookmark? (Many students raise their hands.) Very nice! Maybe we should bring it back.”


(A quote, supposedly by Alex Horn, is read: “If ever a conscious being is produced from one of my students, then my role as a teacher is complete.”)


“I came from so far back to go so far forward. Robert Ma_c used to work with my life sister, Betty Burton, at a restaurant called Saluto in San Francisco. Robert was a waiter, and he was carrying a dessert called The Great American Disaster. He and my sister encountered each other in a swinging door, and he spilled the dessert all over her. Subsequently, her lover, who owned the restaurant, died, leaving her fifteen million dollars. Curtis said that the Ming screen we once owned was recently sold at auction for a record high and was the only piece of Chinese furniture to ever sell for more than a million dollars. He said that it is now worth fifteen million dollars, so we have fifteen and fifteen – incomparable wealth:  presence. My sister is leaving her inheritance to the ASPCA – the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Ouspensky said something like, ‘Cats eat rats and rats eat cats.'”


“We are destined for immortality – eternal life – and this is what makes Paradise so sweet: it is a deathless place. Also, everyone is conscious and immortal there. Here everyone is mortal and unconscious, except for us.”


“Our press is the temple of literature for Apollo and civilization. Our presses do not require electricity. We know how to make paper and vellum as well. …Here [referring to a photo] we are planning the new press building…this temple of literature. Here [referring to a photo] is our Petrarch Press this year.”


“Apollo’s cemetery could be called ‘conscious passage'. We can also call it a ‘paymentorium’ – a place of payment.”


“Apollo is Mecca for ascending souls in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It is here that Influence C will take their stand against the Last Judgment. This is the only safe haven.”


“For forty years our school kept going forward, until we finally arrived at the greatest ally of presence – the sequence. Never could I detect the nature of the lower self until the sequence came – I could only speak about it philosophically. But now with the sequence we know exactly what we are facing and precisely where this intestinal figure is located.”


(A quote by a Fellowship member is read: “Our school is truly a golden chain of love that began when Robert was most graciously accepted into the ranks of the angels.”)


“Who wrote this, dear? (Thomas F_n.) It is very sweet. This [referring to a photo] is Asaf giving the toast at the Crystallization celebration in 2010.  Here [referring to a photo] are the four of us at the Getty Villa in the order of appearance: myself, Asaf, Dorian, and then Sasha. It is quite a beautiful sight.”


“It is possible that the survival of humanity may depend upon Apollo. This is what having Influence C in one’s life may mean. This [referring to a photo] is our Bactrian camel Rembrandt and his mother… This [referring to a photo] was our animal parade during Journey Forth… A few ibexes will be arriving at Apollo later this month… It was a major step when Influence C began bringing the animals.”


“We have a beautiful conscious society at Apollo and our inner circle around the globe. The centers are points of light in humanity. …Here [referring to a photo] I am teaching in [our] Grand Pavilion with a statue of Shiva behind me. We are truly becoming immortal here.”


“The [live] broadcasts of the meetings are one [of] the most important events in our school’s history. Influence C accelerated everyone’s evolution.”



18. Bares RepostingFebruary 16, 2011

The following is an excerpt from
Deadly Cults: The Crimes of True Believers
Chapter 11
Other Cults:

“It’s all very stimulating stuff in the beginning . . . ,” said a former member of the Fellowship of Friends in a 1996 Los Angeles Times article. “But there’s no doubt it’s a cult. Our lives were totally controlled.”(1)

Is this man talking about a cult formed around a wild-eyed guru who preaches that all members should embrace poverty and the simple life? Is he talking about a cult that rejects all worldly pleasures, and whose members spend their days praying, chanting, or meditating?


Hardly. According to reports in several California newspapers, the Fellowship of Friends is a pleasure-and consumer-oriented cult. Founded in 1971 by former schoolteacher Robert Burton, the Fellowship of Friends believes that true spiritual awakening can only come through experiencing the finest things life has to offer: fine food, fine wine, great art, great writers, great music. In his book Self Remembering, Burton stresses “the education and discipline of the emotions, the importance of living in the present, a love of beauty, and an understanding of its capacity to create higher awareness.”(2)

True to his beliefs, Burton, who lived out of his car before founding the Fellowship of Friends, has built a lavish mansion, which he named Apollo, in the style of a French chateau on a 1,300-acre estate in the northern California Sierra foothills. There, among terraced hills supporting a vineyard that produces award-winning wines, the members of the Fellowship of Friends can come and study under a man whom they believe to be both spiritually advanced and a prophet.

Burton, who claims he is guided by 44 angels, including Benjamin Franklin, Jesus, and Plato, is believed by members of the Fellowship of Friends to be near godlike and also privy to information from “higher sources.” As a result of his claimed direct contact with these angels and higher sources, Burton predicted that an earthquake in 1998 would swallow up all of California, except for Apollo. He has also predicted that a nuclear holocaust will destroy most of world in 2006, but again spare Apollo, which will then become the center of the movement to reestablish civilization in the post-holocaust world.

While his prediction of a California-swallowing earthquake, of course, didn’t come true, this didn’t humble Burton. He carries on as though he’d never made a mistake. Like most cult leaders, Burton either ignores or attempts to rationalize his mistakes, while also attempting to control every aspect of his followers’ lives. Within the Fellowship of Friends, this control includes regulating the members’ sex lives and diets, ordering them to abstain from any form of negativity, and even directing them to abstain from the use of certain common words, such as I or thing. Burton has also forbidden members to dye their hair, have mixed-breed pets, ride bicycles, or smoke. Smoking, incidentally, is so strenuously outlawed that Burton has instructed cult members to sniff when greeting each other to catch renegades. Burton fined one couple $1,500 each for violating the no-smoking rule. One former member of the Fellowship of Friends claimed that the cult leader, besides barring him from having sex with his girlfriend, also ordered him to urinate only on the side of the toilet so as to make less noise. While most Fellowship of Friends members have jobs and homes, Burton discourages members from mingling or socializing with people outside the Fellowship, including family, whom Burton sees as “spiritually dead.”

The leadership of the Fellowship of Friends doesn’t see these constraints as brainwashing, however. “The Fellowship does not engage in brainwashing,” said Girard Haven, a member of the group’s board of directors. “We may have a charismatic leader and strong feelings about higher forces and our own spirituality, but we know what we are doing. We are not doing it blindly.”(3)

Unlike many cults, though, the Fellowship of Friends doesn’t recruit from the masses, but instead recruits mainly from groups of well-educated and well-heeled individuals. New recruits are often located after Fellowship of Friends members go to bookstores and plant Fellowship of Friends’ bookmarks in selected metaphysical books that reflect the beliefs of the cult. Prospective members who respond to the telephone number on the bookmark are invited to attend lavish dinners at expensive homes. Only after being appraised by Fellowship of Friends members can prospective recruits be invited to join the cult, whose membership includes many doctors, lawyers, artists, and musicians.

Recruiting well-heeled members certainly paid off. In the late 1990s, the Fellowship of Friends had 65 centers around the world (in late 2003, their Web site, which is translated into 10 languages, states that they now have only 30 centers) and employed approximately 500 people. The group’s overall worth in the late 1990s was estimated at $26 million, while Burton’s annual salary was at least $250,000. Many of the Fellowship of Friends’ employees work at the cult’s winery, which is located on their property in northern California. According to recent news articles, the Fellowship of Friends produces 25,000 cases of wine a year, which is reported to be of high quality.

Along with the winery, the Fellowship of Friends has its own collections of fine art and rare literature, as well as its own opera company, orchestra, theater troupe, and museum. In addition, Burton has decorated the mansion at Apollo with expensive antiques and paintings. One of Burton’s favorite sayings is, “Beauty creates its likeness in those who pursue it.”(4)

Because of all these expensive possessions, belonging to the Fellowship of Friends is naturally very costly. The cult requires members to tithe 10 percent of their incomes, while wealthy members pay much more, in special assessments, to enable the Fellowship of Friends to purchase sculpture, paintings, rare books, antiques, and other items that will “lift the spirituality” of the cult members. The annual income of the Fellowship of Friends in the mid-1990s exceeded $5 million.

However, all is not rosy for the Fellowship of Friends. In recent years, large numbers of its members have been leaving, causing a serious cash flow problem. The trouble began for the Fellowship of Friends in 1995 when a cult member sent an open letter to the membership accusing Burton of sexually seducing him. He said Burton brainwashes members into a state of “absolute submission,” allowing him to feed a “voracious appetite for sexual perversion.”(5) Following this disclosure, other male members came forward with similar accusations, including the cult’s former financial officer, who said he felt pressured to join Burton’s male harem.

“They don’t see it coming, and when it comes, they don’t know what’s happened,” said Charles Randall about Burton’s aggressive homosexual advances toward Fellowship of Friends members.(6)

Another male member of the cult who also claimed Burton aggressively pressured him into having sex said, ”I had never had a homosexual encounter before this. But he [Burton] told me it was the wish of C-influence (the group’s term for higher forces, or gods) that I have sex with him.”(7) At all-male dinners hosted by Burton, members say he has been known to boast that “one hundred boys would not be enough [for his sexual appetite].”(8)

To these charges, Burton’s attorney has responded, “We don’t think a [sexual] relationship between a leader and a member of the congregation is abusive in and of itself.”(9) However, two lawsuits filed by former Fellowship of Friends members claiming sexual abuse have been settled out of court.

Former Fellowship of Friends officials who have left the cult also aren’t kind in their evaluation of Burton and his organization. “The Fellowship is a dictatorship, a predatory dictatorship,” said Thomas Easley, an artist and former leader who left the cult after a homosexual relationship with Burton. “I should know. I was a leader.”(10)

Former Fellowship of Friends financial officer Charles Randall said, “I thought it was the one true way, but as it turns out, it was just a cult.”(11)

The point to the preceding anecdote is that a cult can be formed around almost any belief or philosophy. Also, this anecdote shows that, to succeed, a cult doesn’t have to be aimed at the uneducated, the emotionally challenged, or the poor. As shown by both the Fellowship of Friends and the Solar Temple (discussed in the previous chapter), cults can also attract well-educated, wealthy, and seemingly mentally competent people. All that’s needed is a charismatic leader who followers believe has some type of special insight, some type of special knowledge unknown to the rest of the world, or some type of special direct pipeline to God or ascended beings. To attract followers, the cult leader then offers to share this information or knowledge with cult members. This belief in the leader’s gift quickly becomes a strong magnet that pulls people in because gaining this insight or knowledge from the cult leader, members believe, will make them part of an elite group who are a step above regular human beings.

This special insight of the cult leader, incidentally, doesn’t have to be only knowledge gained through conversations with spirits, ghosts, or God. Some cults can be formed because followers believe that their leader has a special insight into how to make the world a better place…


Chapter 11 Notes:
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19. Bares RepostingFebruary 16, 2011

More from Deadly Cults:

While claims such as these may sound outlandish to many readers, a powerful part of human nature is the desire to be a unique and special individual, to be totally unlike the common man. This trait was clearly seen in the case of the cult called the Fellowship of Friends, talked about in chapter 11, in which members saw themselves, rather than spiritually dead like the common man, as an elite group who alone understood and appreciated the beauty of fine things. This desire to be a unique and special individual can often override a person’s ability to properly judge cult claims.

“People lead mediocre lives,” says Hank Hanegraaff, president of the Christian Research Institute, talking about the Heaven’s Gate cult, “and so these leaders exploited expectations of joining an elite.”

Staff writer for the Washington Post, Joel Achenbach, sums up the appeal of cults this way: “Three things, all three of them as old as mankind, draw men to these groups: A shot at life after death. A special role in the universe. Someone to believe in.”

. . . . . . . .

Actually, while I have talked about the most common methods of cult recruitment, there is really no method cult members won’t use if they believe it will be successful. For example, as I talked about in chapter 11, the cult called the Fellowship of Friends recruited new members by leaving their bookmarks in books that promoted the cult’s view of the world.

“The indoctrination is so complete, and the peer pressure so great,” says Joel Friedlander, a former member of the Fellowship of Friends, talked about in chapter 11, “that gradually the old you is replaced by the new you who believes all the propaganda, including the line that eternal damnation is the price of getting out.”(17)


17. Jenifer Warren, “Trouble Taints a Cerebral Sanctuary,” Los Angeles Times (November 4, 1996), p. A12.

Deadly Cults: The Crimes of True Believers
Robert L. Snow
Copyright © 2003
Praeger Publishers
ISBN: 0–275–98052–9



51. Ames GilbertJuly 28, 2015  [excerpt]


If anyone who has had no connection to the FoF, but is interested in that organization reads this, I’m writing just for you. And of course, the following is just my opinion.

If you want to join a group of people who mostly (but not all) started off as sincere, nice, well–meaning folks, but whose entire ‘spiritual’ center of gravity is based on faith, know that in advance—and accept the consequences. Look through earlier pages of this blog for posts by folks like ‘Daily Cardiac’, or in later pages by ‘I in the sky’ for excellent representations of the typical follower’s point of view. Know that many of us (I dare say, probably most) who have ‘been through the mill’ have concluded that the leader, Robert Burton, is a sexual predator, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and that having sex with large numbers of the heterosexual young men who depend on him for spiritual guidance is his chief occupation—and has been for more than forty years. Know that if you are a young, even moderately good-looking young heterosexual male who enters his orbit, you will most probably end up having sex with him. Know that your fellow followers will approve of this, encourage this, and the less than good-looking ones will envy you (though these are few, Burton’s tastes are very catholic). In other words, in their world–view, this is completely normal and expected. Know that he has no control in this matter, and has never demonstrated will or restraint; he is a complete slave to his lust. Know that his followers excuse and even justify this ‘supersex’ (as he terms it) because he is a ‘conscious being’.

Know also that Burton is a life–long misogynist. He has no use for women, unless they have money or influence. Moreover, he states that they cannot ‘awaken’ as women in this lifetime. This means that if you are a woman, you will (according to Burton) definitely have to wait for a ‘role in a future lifetime as a man’ (with the sole exception of Elizabeth I, Queen of England, for some reason) to be able to ‘awaken’, whatever that is.

If you happen to be here because you are interested in the Fourth Way, know that, apart from words freely borrowed from books about the Fourth Way, this cult has no connection with the Fourth Way whatsoever.


The Fourth Way terms are bait, pure and simple. There has been no transmission of knowledge or energy from Alex Horn to Robert Burton. Nor was there a transmission from J.G. Bennett to Horn (whose entire experience of the Fourth Way in the direct line was as a three–week drop–in at the end of one of J.G. Bennett’s courses in England). Horn had no contact with Rodney Collin, whatever Burton claims or insinuates. The rest came from books or odd meetings with others interested in the Fourth Way. Whatever the level of Horn, Burton failed miserably to fulfill the task given to him, to cease his sexual pursuit of male fellow ‘students’. And, Burton himself is openly proud of the fact that he has never read any work of Gurdjieff. His quotes of Gurdjieff’s words come from his brief encounters with Ouspensky’s books and what he has picked up from his more organized or intellectual followers. He has yet to explain the vast gap between his being a self-proclaimed Man number 7.9, or whatever, and the next and only ‘conscious product’ of his organization, the infamous Girard Haven, official hagiographer, Man number 5 point something. Remember the Fourth Way idea that one has to help put someone in one’s place before one can ‘move on’?

As a particular example, the meaning of the word ‘verification’ has been turned on its head. As you inevitably reorient yourself to the Fellowship group-think (your new friends are so nice, so helpful, so knowledgeable, and you are so eager to learn, to please, to fit in…), you will be persuaded that ‘testing’ hypotheses according to reason and the scientific method is faulty thinking, emanating from your ‘lower self’, the Devil. Instead, the major part of your ‘work’ is to first accept given/revealed articles of faith as true and then strive to find evidence for them. Failing that, you are to ‘observe and record’ and put any doubting thoughts ‘on the back burner’, or, as you become more advanced, dispense with them altogether because they are generated by your ‘lower self’. When the back burner is full, you will be kept so busy you won’t notice the older thoughts ‘to be worked with later’ permanently falling into oblivion. Know that the many general ‘exercises’ given out by Burton are a miraculous one–size fits all. Any individual attention that each follower may need is farmed out to one or other of the 45 angels, the discorporate remains of (mostly) white, male Europeans who have left a historical record. More than strange, huh? Almost all the personal exercises given by Dear Teacher are of the “C-Influence wishes you to externally consider me, give up your body for my pleasure” type. Though, for variety, there are the never–ending requests for more money, gifts, favors of all kinds, or “Marry this person or that”.

Know that Burton is probably the most superstitious person you will ever hear of or meet. This ‘conscious being’, having lost his own internal way, relies on external signs of every type, from chance license plate numbers to a grotesque numerology and symbology, whose significance is supported and ‘researched’ by the members themselves, and as stated above, always seeking ‘proof’ to support the pre–conceptions. One example among literally thousands: Burton interprets the number of rhino poops in prehistoric cave drawings as messages the artists intentionally left for him across hundreds of centuries! Based on this rare sensitivity, Burton continually makes prophecies, whose record of complete failure (including highlights such as the drowning of California in 1998, nuclear Armageddon in 2006, the end of history in 2012, the production of seven ‘conscious beings’, and so on) he petulantly explains in terms such as, “C–Influence has humiliated me”. At the same time, mirabile dictu, Burton claims that every jot and title of existence is preordained, a ‘play written by the angels’. In his universe, he supplies the ‘crazy’ while his followers infer the ‘wisdom’, so all in the narcissistic dance are happy.

Oh, and you’ll be glad he has made improvements to the Fourth Way apart from inventing 45 angels whose sole welfare is those who write checks to Burton, and who will organize and attend the complete destruction of the rest of humanity. For example, unlike Gurdjieff, Ouspensky or Bennett in whose teachings conscience is as important as, and inseparable from, consciousness, Burton has little use for the former. In fact he claims:

“Conscience is just a collection of I’s. Anyone accumulating too much should leave the school.”


One less thing to worry about, huh? And as strong an indicator as any that he doesn’t have conscience—and hence, consciousness—himself. You will also be interested to know that he and his followers discarded the Fourth Way for a few years, until declining membership made it necessary to bring out that particular bait again.

If you indeed value the Fourth Way, then before you consider joining the Fellowship of Friends, you owe it to yourself to find out everything you can about them. There is much more in these pages and elsewhere. I know, it is quite an effort to go through them. But the time you invest doing this is miniscule compared to the time you will waste and the harm that may befall you if you join the cult. I’m not claiming you will learn nothing if you join, just that you can achieve better results in far less time elsewhere, without paying the ludicrous price the greedy and literally insatiable Burton demands.

So much for the Fourth Way. How about if you are interested in the Second Way?
If you take a masochistic satisfaction in being told what to do in all areas of your life, have blind trust in authoritarian structures, have faith in revealed truths, and desperately need to cultivate obedience, you’ll certainly be interested in some form of the Second Way. But why not just join the Carthusians or some other group with a good record? For a start, they are much quicker and more efficient. You have the possibility of reaching salvation during or at the end of this lifetime. Not so in Burton’s religion. He claims you will need many lifetimes of unremitting toil and devotion to counter your built–in weaknesses and achieve ‘immortality’. Meanwhile, Mr. “Do as I say, not as I do” trusts NOT to the future, but lives the life of a spoiled potentate right now. He will use your money to live luxuriously. If you are a young male, he will likely use your body for his sexual pleasure. He will travel widely at your expense. He will dress in the finest and most expensive clothing, silken underwear, drink wine worth hundreds of dollars at every meal, drive the best cars, travel first class everywhere, and give rich gifts to his lovers—while he favors them—all from your earnings. His followers exist to hang on every word, gratify every whim, and worship him as, in his own words, “the brightest light in 2,000 years”, the self–claimed equivalent and successor to Christ. Not so incidentally, he is ‘beyond Judeo–Christian morality’ (though he has yet to formulate a successor, though we do know there will be no minimum age of consent).

Why would you want to dive into the fantasy world of this twisted, lying madman, who seems to exist solely for the titillation of the nerve endings in his penis and anus—and for shopping?



83. ryanopooOctober 26, 2015


It begins to become apparent that Conscious Bob has lost a wingnut, that his behavior is that of a sick, broken person, now having trouble remembering all the weird shit he’s said for decades.


Bob’s puerile fantasy, the conscious prophet who always gets it wrong seen in light of his slavishly obsessive recreational activity is no longer plausible; try as you might, you cannot stretch the elastic band of the mind any further around the incongruities and obvious absurdities. Round about here, there’s a creeping feeling that Bob and the Followship are toast.


It’s hard to accept at first that the Fellowship really is a crazy little doomsday cult and nothing more.  Harder still to accept that you’re in it, maybe have been for decades, expressing your tacit approval with every dollar you forked over, heart and soul in the hours you labored to enable a crazy man in his delusion.


Ouspensky said, ”Conscience cannot grow in restrictive groups.” Not that I’m a fan of Ouspensky any more, the Fourth Way reads like a bunch of whack-a-doodle to me these days. But when you get out of the very restrictive Fellowship of Friends, run by a whacko with no conscience, you begin to regain integrity and conscience.


The battle of nothing with the evil, homunculus, king of clubs lurking in your intestines has been won. You can divide your attention long as you want and it’s free.


It may take some time to fully register that it really was you, the chosen one, getting shafted while you shafted yourself in a cult. No longer a man number four point eight, head full of Rhino poop. But you’re out and it feels good to reclaim your life and know it was not entirely defined by Burton’s madness.



84. Just the Facts Ma'amOctober 26, 2015


71. Cristalclear


Re: ‘The more you stay, the more confused you become, and you can’t really express your doubts because if you do, you will be shunned…so you stay longer…It’s like a mind trap.’


What you describe is what some of us, once in Fellowship of Friends (FoF), at one time called ‘Catch 44.’ This is a play on the phrase: ‘Catch 22.’ Here, copied/excerpted from Wikipedia, is explanation of: ‘Catch 22’ [especially good for non-English as primary language readers]:


“Catch-22 is a satirical novel by the American author Joseph Heller. He began writing it in 1953; the novel was first published in 1961. It is frequently cited as one of the greatest literary works of the twentieth century. It uses a distinctive non-chronological third-person omniscient narration, describing events from the points of view of different characters. The separate storylines are out of sequence so that the timeline develops along with the plot.


The novel is set during World War II, from 1942 to 1944. It mainly follows the life of Captain John Yossarian, a U.S. Army Air Forces B-25 bombardier. Most of the events in the book occur while the fictional 256th Squadron is based on the island of Pianosa, in the Mediterranean Sea, west of Italy. The novel looks into the experiences of Yossarian and the other airmen in the camp, who attempt to maintain their sanity while fulfilling their service requirements so that they may return home.


The novel’s title refers to a plot device that is repeatedly invoked in the story. Catch-22 starts as a set of paradoxical requirements whereby airmen mentally unfit to fly did not have to, but could not actually be excused. By the end of the novel it is invoked as the explanation for many unreasonable restrictions. The phrase “Catch-22″ has since entered the English language, referring to a type of unsolvable logic puzzle sometimes called a double bind. According to the novel, people who were crazy were not obliged to fly missions; but anyone who applied to stop flying was showing a rational concern for their safety, and was sane.”


So, in this regard, ‘Catch 44’ means a double bind double bind. (That is not a typo, nor are you seeing double.) ‘Catch 44′ means you are caught coming and going by your circumstances. There is no escape from the mind trap. And, in FoF, you are double bound twice over, hence the 2 x 22 = 44. But, as additional meaning, the ’44’ of the conscious beings are holding you in your place in FoF and on the ladder of evilution as practiced by conscious Bob’s school. Even the term Catch 44 has, at least, a double meaning in it.


Get out while you can, or die trying. Otherwise, you are damned if you do, and, damned if you don’t, stay associated with the Fellowship of Friends, Robert Earl Burton, Asaf Braverman, and company; the evilution rape factory in Oregon House, California, and its associated centers throughout the world.


A bit Kafkaesque, no?

Explanation of: ‘Kafkaesque’ … copied/excerpted from Wikipedia:  “Kafka’s writing has inspired the term “Kafkaesque,” used to describe concepts and situations reminiscent of his work, particularly Der Process (The Trial) and “Die Verwandlung.” Examples include instances in which bureaucracies overpower people, often in a surreal, nightmarish milieu which evokes feelings of senselessness, disorientation, and helplessness. Characters in a Kafkaesque setting often lack a clear course of action to escape a labyrinthine situation. Kafkaesque elements often appear in existential works, but the term has transcended the literary realm to apply to real-life occurrences and situations that are incomprehensibly complex, bizarre, or illogical.”



39. GoldenVeilDecember 29, 2015


@38. Cristalclear


I think that your reference to that interpretation of The Moon tarot card is spot on. There is so much fantasy perpetuated in the Fellowship of Friends, and Robert Earl Burton is its bizarrely imaginative source.


Fellowship Work on Presence, an excerpt from


“The person also learns to recognize results, and to distinguish real results from imaginary ones. In the Fellowship each member learns to be honest with himself or herself. The simplicity and directness of the struggle to awaken precludes maintaining an attitude that is satisfied with anything less than real awakening.”


A psychic web is woven around new members, thread by thread, from the moment one steps into a Prospective Student Meeting, and step by step, is introduced to the work concepts. Those who are particularly earnest in their Search and those who are emotionally vulnerable, tend to leave rationale and logic behind, and buy the mysterious fantasy of The Fellowship of Friends.


“Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!”


Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.


Robert Earl Burton’s “44 Conscious Beings” are all dead great personages from the history of man, and all are famous. Funny how all the enlightened dead people giving direction to the flow of esoteric knowledge to him are famous ones…



131. nevasaynevaNovember 18, 2014


Another powerful person with dodgy ethics:


quote from the article:


“For Cosby to commit these assaults against multiple victims over several years, there had to be a network of willfully blind wallflowers at best, or people willing to aid him in committing these sexual crimes at worst.”



31. brucelevyDecember 26, 2015


They’re ALL the same…



Rabbi Fired Over Sex Claims, Defenders Offer Mea Culpa

"The saddest part of the story is that there were these women from the past who had the courage to speak up despite their isolation and their own pain, despite being threatened by him repeatedly, and nobody came forth to give them support,” said one of the current accusers at Bayit Chadash…  "People in this culture [chose] to support the male predator rather than…the women’s voices that were alone."



55. WhaleRiderJanuary 5, 2016



100. OscarMarch 1, 2016

“It’s on us:

-To recognize that non-consensual sex is sexual assault.
-To identify situations in which sexual assault may occur.
-To intervene in situations where consent has not or cannot be given.
-To create an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported.”



Tools and tips:

Consent is voluntary and mutual and can be withdrawn at any time.
Past consent does not mean future or current consent.
There is no consent when there is force, coercion, or intimidation.
One cannot always consent when under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
Talk to your friends honestly and openly about sexual assault.
Don’t just be a bystander – if you see something, intervene in any way you can.
Trust your gut. If something looks like it might be a bad situation, it probably is.
Be direct. Ask someone who looks like they may need help if they’re okay.
Get someone to help if you see something – enlist a friend.
Keep an eye on someone who has had too much to drink.
Understand that if someone does not or cannot consent to sex, it’s rape.
Never blame the victim.
If you are a victim or survivor, or helping someone in that situation, go to to get the resources and information you need.

You can also call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1.800.656.HOPE.



117. brucelevyApril 14, 2016



118. Tim Campion April 16, 2016


Ten years ago, someone posting as the Esoteric Sheik of Inner Confusion wrote this report after attending a Fellowship of Friends introductory meeting in London. Sheik’s post launched the discussion that continues here today.



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