Q & A series, circa 1970 …



Q&A with Alex Horn, circa 1970



“You seem to be in an especially good mood tonight…”


Alex: “I’m ALWAYS ‘in essence’ — can’t you see that?”



“What made you decide to become a teacher?”


Alex: “I was BORN to be a teacher! It was no accident or mere coincidence that [some notorious guru] died the night I was born. When I heard about this, I knew right then and there that I was born to take his place – MEANT to be – DESTINED to be – another great leader and Fisher of Men – Self-observing, Self-remembering, Self-evolving No. 4 Man – Balanced Man – Conscious Man – REAL Man – Teacher of ‘the Work’ and all the great religions, teachers and teachings in the world!”



“Did you ever have a regular job?”


Alex: “I was a garbage man!”



“What was your relationship like with your mother…?”


Alex: “My ‘mother’?  She bullied me to death and controlled every move I made – even when I was in college – and drove my poor father into an early grave.”



“What was your father like?”


Alex: “He was a kind and gentle rabbi.”



“Have you ever tried hallucinogenic drugs?  LSD, hash, peyote or mescaline?”


Alex: “No.”



“What do you think of the Beatles and their great new album?” (Abbey Road)


Alex: “What are the Beatles compared to Bach?”



“What happened to your teeth…?”


Alex: “I had to get them pulled out and wear dentures.”





Alex: “My dentist said I had ‘self-cleaning teeth’ and didn’t have to brush like other people did.”



“You only believed that yarn because it made you feel special!”